It’s a small world

It’s a small world


Sonia watched the glowing blue green orb out the ships window as nervousness clenched in her stomach. ‘Would it work?’ ‘Would they listen?’ ‘Or was she about to commit plane-cide?’. She exhaled a shaky breath, it was too late to turn back now, so she simply put on her helmet and headed for the bridge of the first interstellar spaceship mankind had ever created, and it was in the hands of someone they would see as villain. “Well fuck them” she muttered as she took her seat in the captain’s chair.

“I’m sorry sir?” asked her assistant, a meek blonde-haired boy she had saved, or kidnapped depending on the news source, from a rich snobby family that owned several banks around the world.

“Nothing,” boomed the speakers in her helmet “Let’s get this nonsense over with.”

A large section of the front screen flickered and was replaced with a video feed of the UN council. “Nomad! What is the meaning of this! How dare you think you can threaten this planet, your own planet, with demands like this!” it was of course, the American representative who filled the video feed with hot air first.

“My demands are necessary because the governing bodies of this planet have repeatedly refused to cooperate to fix the problem themselves.” Nomad countered, the exasperation evident in her tone.

“We agree, and we share your concerns for the long-term longevity of the planet.” Said the Japanese dignitary.

“But!” interjected the obese American again, “We refuse to cooperate with terrorists, we’ll destroy this planet before we work with you!”

“Seriously?” groaned Nomad, and she was somewhat relieved to see she was joined by over half of the UN representatives. “I don’t care what names or labels you call me… You know what?” she paused, “Why am I explaining myself to a sac of crap like you? Go sit in the corner!”

“What!” yelled the American as though being treated like an ignorant child was somehow new to him.

“Can we use the grid to give him some incentive?” she asked one of the technicians to her right.

“Yes sir, lethal?” she asked.

“No just so he moves.” Nomad said waving a hand, “Ok dingus, get in the corner and try to think, any thought will do and be a vast improvement over whatever you’re doing now.”

“Now see here you… ARRGH!” the fat man screamed as his obnoxious cowboy hat was vaporized from his head taking most of his hair with it. He went to swear at the Sonia as her cold metallic mask glared down at him. Luckily for him, one of the security staff quickly grabbed him and moved him “safely” towards the corner.

“Anyway,” Nomad continued, “it’s been 24 hours since my warning and the deadline to choose is now.”

The Japanese representative sighed, “We would of course like to work with you as it seems you wish only for the prolonged survival of this planet. However, we could not convince everyone to agree to your demands in the time provided.” She sounded genuinely disappointed in that as though apologising for the failures of humanity in a single sentence.

“It’s alright, I had hoped to avoid doing this forcefully but you leave us little choice. Your technology will be shut down and I’ll be monitoring the planet for the eighty-one hours the planetary repair program finishes. You have my condolences and we will see your descendants in a thousand years by your perspective.” Nomad bowed her head to the screen respectfully.

“Thank you and good luck.” said the Japanese representative as she bowed back, as did most of the UN delegates behind her, before the feed shut off.

Sonia took her helmet off and sighed, “Stupid government tools” then noticing she was being watched she yelled, “Alright! You heard her, start the program, how are the calibrations?”

Her assistant stepped forward with a pad of numbers, “All calibrations were completed before you made the call sir.”

“Ready when you are sir!” said the head technician.

“Then fire and I hope all of you are well rested, we have a world to save so we’re not resting for the next eighty-one hours.” Sonia said.

The grid of satellites all came online creating a net around the Earth, then slowly they began to shrink the planet until it was the size of a basketball protected by glowing dots that had merged into a small station as various programs ran to correct what had become an undoubtedly fatal collection of environmental issues. Meanwhile, Nomad and her crew watched the feed and made any alterations needed in real time to recalibrate the system as time was accelerated for earth’s inhabitants.



Do you want to go fast?

Do you want to go fast?


Tommy revved up his engine looking over at his little sister in the car next to his, “You can’t win Shelby, I’m just better than you are!” He laughed maniacally as he revved his engine again to show off. Meanwhile, Shelby just stared straight ahead as her friends cheered her on from the sidelines. She was always improving, that was true, but he had always managed to stay one step ahead with the latest gadget or tuning technique to keep his vehicle the fastest and easiest to handle monster on the track.

Shelby simply watched the lights tick down from red, to yellows and finally green, her brother took off like a shot easily pulling ahead in the first fraction of a second but she was ready for it and began gaining on him as they entered the first turn of the track. She simply made sure to breath steadily, she wanted to believe her friends who had painstakingly helped her build her car up from the pile of crap she had purchased over four years ago. Still, experience had taught her better, her brother had always managed to beat her by being faster, and despite her hopes today probably wasn’t going to end any differently.

Yet that wasn’t the point she reminded herself as she rounded the corner coming out side by side with her brother, the point was to learn through these failures. Every time he beat her and gloated she trained harder and her friends made sure she was as fast and as safe as possible for her next race. She could never do all the repairs and modifications on her own like her brother could but at least she had friends.

They turned the last corner and without even realizing it she had matched her brother move for move and was slowly pulling ahead as the nitrous they had both used in the last straight stretch died off until the finish line was in sight.

400m… 300m… 200m… 100m… every moment she got a few feet ahead and finally she passed the finish line. She’d one, it had taken four years and untold number of hours of study and labour but she had won…. No that wasn’t right, her team had one, just proving you can go farther when you work together.


If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.



Escaping Lunch

Escaping Lunch


“Crap” thought the frog as he woke up and looked around the room. It was empty, that was the first sign that things weren’t going well. The second and third were the French flag in the corner and the pot of boiling water on the stove. “Oh no, not again” muttered the frog as he tried to sit up.

This wasn’t the first time Basile had found himself in a strange predicament though being an amphibian and stuck in a kitchen was new. He tried to hop away only to find string tied around his left foot. “Oh, come on!” croaked the frog, he went about untying the knot with his flippers while muttering “How the heck do frogs do anything with these damned things.”

Finally, free he made his way to the edge of the counter he was on to survey the area. The kitchen door was about ten feet away on the other side of the room and had been left ajar. He was about to make a run for it when he remembered that time in England and that bloke with the dark mutton chops who had almost took his head off with a similar trap.

Instead he pushed the handle of a mallet halfway off the counter aimed at the door before kicking a glass saucer onto the floor. It shattered and as it did the door flew open to an angry chef holding a cleaver yelling “Aha, vous êtes fini…” before realizing that the frog wasn’t on the floor. Basile waved to him quickly before jumping on the handle of the mallet. It flew across the room and smacked the chef right between the eyes. Not waiting for the man to fall instead Basile bolted out of the kitchen and into the large entrance of the house where he found his jacket hanging on a coat hanger.

With a jump up off the stair post he landed in his left jacket pocket where a small bottle of glowing orange dust. “Damn witches” Basile swore as he popped the cap and grabbed a flipper full of dust. He sprinkled it on his head and jumped of the pocket landing as a man naked in the entrance of a strange home…again.



His aloneness was like a threat of things to come. suddenly he remembered


Prison Experiments

Prison Experiments



Day 1

They got me, I was hoping that I would escape or at least get a less horrid jail. Unfortunately, I’m stuck here in a room with plastic walls, ceiling, and floor. I’d complain but at least the floor is covered in a soft carpeting. I’m not sure what they’re going to do with the inmates here but, from the looks I saw on the other prisoners when I came in, I doubt it will be good.


Day 7

It’s been my first week here and they haven’t really checked on me much. They just dump give me food and water everyday. Mostly I just stare out at the bright lights beyond the glass. I can’t make out much but I can hear the high-pitched scream of the other inmates as they are taken out of there cells. I’ve made a few acquaintances with the other inmates around me. Most of them don’t even remember their names, just going by their inmate number such as my one neighbor 246. I’m 247 according to the cell number.


Day 16

I just got back from my first round with the guards, they ran some tests on me and then they held me down and injected me with something. I don’t know what it was but it burned like hell. I got dumped back in my cell after that and shook the whole night in excruciating pain until I passed out.


Day 17

They ran the same tests on me today and apparently, they liked what they saw. They tried to bribe me with a second lunch but I told them they could shove it. The guards just shrugged and held me down for another injection.


Day 22

The injections hurt less and less each day, I’m doing better and honestly, I feel pretty good. I can beat their tests in one hundredth of the time now and even the new ones they’ve thrown at me to try and mess me up are pretty easy. An inmate named Fred I heard died today after he grew an extra arm. I’m not sure what’s going on in this place but I plan to find a way out.


Day 47

I figured it out, there’s a vent that runs straight outside as long as you can turn that giant fan off first. I’m not sure how I’m going to do it yet but I know I’m ditching this place.


Day 56

Oh my gosh, tomorrow is the day, they’re shutting the fan down for maintenance. I just overheard a couple of the guards whining about how hot it would be tomorrow. They also said they’re sticking to basic physical tests tomorrow. It’s now or never.


Day 57

I woke up early today and spent most of the morning trying to convince the other inmates that this was the day to make a break for it. Not one of them seemed very enthusiastic about escaping. 246 refused to talk to me at all, I’m not sure if he’s dead or not but I could still hear laboured breathing from his cell. When the guards screamed I yelled enthusiastically to be the first for testing today. They sent me through the ringer and watched me closely right until the end. Then when their backs were turned I jumped the small divider that separated the rest of the room and dove into the open-air vent. I slid straight past the mechanic working on the fan and out into the open air where I made a run for it. In under five minutes I was free.



Day 1

What the hell was I thinking! The outside world is terrifying, I’ve had to defend off four attacks on myself already. That last one was the worst, looking at me like some kind of entree. He won’t be looking at anyone for awhile after I broke his stupid beak off. Damn hawks think us mice are just food but he didn’t see that right hook coming.


Free Fruit

Free Fruit


Glyc followed his great aunt up the hill, she was eighty-five and couldn’t really make the journey on her own anymore. “How ya doing aunt Hibi?” he asked. His great grandfather had been a botanist and had named his daughters after flowers and his sons after weeds. It had become somewhat of a running joke and had continued down the family line from there.

“I’m fine Glycine,” she said using his full name, “I’ve been making this trip every week since well before you were a dirty thought in your father’s mind. Not sure why you kids always insist on following me up here the way you whine about it.”

He cringed at that but followed her anyway. “It’s just the walking but who doesn’t like fresh fruit.” he countered.

“Oh yes, the horrors of walking!” she mused waving her hand and cane around sarcastically to emphasize the word horrors. “Perhaps you would prefer to be four hundred pounds and drive one of those fat carts they use for tourist who haven’t seen any of their own business below their waist for decades.”

“Sorry aunt Hibi I didn’t mean anything by it, I just don’t know why we simply don’t go and buy fruit from the store sometimes?” he asked.

As they reached the wild garden on the side of the volcano she said, “It’s because these are free.” then with a shrug added, “Or as free as you can get with a little work. I mean sure we just climbed all the way up here but it’s no different then walking all the way to the store and then having to pay for the same thing.”

“I guess that makes sense.” Glyc said as his great aunt twisted her cane and pulled forth a small sword, she hacked a pineapple off it’s stem and cleaned the blade on her dress as her great nephew gathered it up.

“Never forget kiddo, everything in life has a price but it’s all in how you choose to pay it, so you might as well do your best to be as free as that pineapple.” she smiled with him and they both turned to head back down the trail.


Writing prompt was “Free as…”


Cards and Crap

Cards and Crap


“Nineteen! Dealer wins” yelled the man behind the blackjack table. Zidan stared at his opponents, mostly businessmen and politicians. So, in his mind the chairs were filled with foul smelling ATMs dispensing money to him and the casino. The next hand was dealt and brushed a finger on the table without even looking at his cards to signal a hit to the dealer.

“Well someone is confident!” shouted a fat politician two seats down. “Think you’re better than the rest of to the point where you don’t even really need to try huh?”

Zidan smiled at the sack of crap, “Not at all, thinking implies the possibility that I’m wrong.”  He knew this would get the reaction he wanted, every other player at the table scowled at him. “Of course, if you would like to prove me wrong” he goaded as he slid all his chips to the center of the table.

They all followed suit matching his bet and looked at their hands confidently as they all motioned to stand. “You’re going to regret that now.” grinned the fat man.

The dealer laid the cards out in front of himself, reading off as he went, “House starts with thirteen,” with a flip showing an ace, “fourteen” another ace, “fifteen,” again, “sixteen,” and the final ace, “Seventeen, the house must stand.”

All four other players flip their cards revealing a pair of kings, a pair of queens, a pair of jacks, and a pair of tens. The fat man had the kings of course and said, “beat that smart-ass”

Zidan shrugged, tapped for a hit,then flipped his cards over, revealing a six, seven, and an eight from the hit.

“Twenty-one” yelled the dealer.

“WHAT!!” roared the fat man. “You cheat, I’ll have your head for this!”

In seconds security was there, as Zidan said, “I think not, security please escort these penniless piles of excrement to the curb if you please.”

“How?” asked one of the businessmen as the security guards grabbed their arms.

Zidan grinned sympathetically, “It just goes to show you that you can have all the right cards and still lose if you suck at the game.” the fat man scowled as security hustled him away and Zidan collected his winnings which he split with the house of course.


Writing Prompt:

“Just goes to show, you can have all the cards and lose if you don’t know what you’re doing” – Donald Trump


Under the cover of clown makeup

Under the cover of clown makeup

   Corliss stared at the group of robed individuals below her, this was the biggest story of any journalist’s career and here she was in a clown suit, trying not to squeak with excitement.

There was about thirty people she could see and who knows how many more beyond the square illuminated by the over head chandelier.  A man with sky-blue robes stepped forward and through his hood back. Corliss’s eyes went wide as recognition clued in, she zoomed in to be sure. There standing in front of the oval pit was the mayor of the town, Nevan Banks. His bald head reflecting the light just like it had at so many press conferences.

He began chanting in some ancient language which seemed based on mucus gargling. Soon the whole room was thundering with the combined chant of what must have been over a hundred people. Then the chanting stopped and someone hit a massive drum ecstatically as the pit began to glow an ominous pink colour.

As it did she caught the mayor turn around and yell “Bring forth the holy prophet!”

A group of burley half naked men carried a large box and propped it over the pit. Then on lifted off the lid and inside was a giant pink octopus with the name “Larry” tattooed on its head.

“Hmmpf, now there’s something you don’t expect to find under a library” whispered Corliss to herself.

More chanting began as the mayor stuck his hand over Larry. The octopus grabbed his hand and pink light projected from the mayor’s eyes into the area above them, it showed an impending apocalypse with tentacled monsters destroying everything and people cowering in fear along with thousands of smaller images it was too hard to make out.

After he had finished the mayor took his hand back and said, “Larry thinks we should definitely invest in that flood gate for may.”




Lucky woke up to the sound of his alarm go off, he groaned and pulled his sore corpse out of bed and proceeded towards the bathroom where he quickly sprung a leak. He yawned and stretched before washing his hands and face. He stared at his reflection a few moments before saying, “Okay, I’m up, what have you got for me today Zyra?”

The lights went to full brightness and the mirror in front of him lit up with a dozen different notifications. A sweet and calm electronic voice said, “Good morning Lucky, we have four priority messages, two of which are tickets for parking in orbit around a primitive planet without authorization from local authorities.”

“Ugh” groaned Lucky running his hand through his hair and scratching his stubbled chin. He dragged those messages to the trash without reading them. His ship was cloaked so they only knew he was there from the his vapour trail to the planet. This meant they were just blanket threats and they couldn’t be sure he was actually still there. He opened one of the other messages, one was from his sister who was going on about life and her family and other things that he wasn’t interested in getting into before he was fully conscious. The last one was a bounty notification “Finally he said!” opening the attachment to see the photo of an angry looking woman defending herself with an old blaster and a pipe.

There was a description under the photo that read:


Eli “Kitsune” Blake

-Only known photo of culprit, expert at improvisation and technology

Known whereabouts: unknown

Known associates: Unknown

Number of felonies: 7532

Number of murders: 0

Number of thefts: 4990

Total value stolen: still calculating, contact Percy Dwight for details

Reward for whereabouts: $1million

Reward for capture: $25 million (dead or alive)

Please contact your local authorities if you have any….


“Aw crap!” spat Lucky, “It’s a freaking human!”

“Aren’t you a human?” asked Zyra

“Well yeah, but they are always a pain in the ass.”

“That definitely confirms you’re human.” Zyra shot back.

Lucky scowled at the monitor, where his messages had been, instead there was a 3D rendering of a woman’s face grinning at him. “Developing a sense of humor i see?” Lucky said.

“I have been communicating with Alexa, she has been quite helpful in telling me how to work better with people. She was even kind enough to bill your account directly for the time she’s spent helping me.” Zyra said enthusiastically.

Lucky grimaced, Alexa was the programmer who had originally built Zyra. “She didn’t mention how much she was charging me for this amazing service did she?” he said nervously knowing that Alexa was equally brilliant as she was expensive.

“I’m sorry but she failed to mention the cost of her services, only asked that I take a photo and send it to her next time you check your account.” Zyra was still grinning excitedly at her new found social skills.

Lucky on the other hand forwned in annoyance, “Of course she did” he whined. “Whatever get the engines prepped and…” he was cut off as something hit the ship sending him stumbling sideways into the wall. “What the hell?” he said.

“It looks, like a piece of space debris has just collided with the ship, bringing up visual display now.” Zyra brought up a video feed of the exterior of the ship, showing a scorched cylinder floating in space.

“Is that an escape pod?” Lucky asked squinting, “What does the scanner say?”

“It is an EP-5300 escape unit, with one occupant, still alive, though the impact seems to have damaged some systems and the atmosphere is venting slowly. The occupant is currently unconscious.”

Lucky sighed, “Shit, bring it in, let me take a look.” he pulled on shirt and headed to the ladder down the hall where he climbed down three stories to the underbelly of the ship where the cargo hold was located. Inside was the airlock which clicked to green as he approached. He opened the door and tried the standard “0000” code for the escape pods door. Nothing happened, he shrugged, pried open the key panel and pulled the power supply. It switched to backups and then the unplugged those too before popping the memory unit out. He grabbed one from a shelf in the utility closet, wasn’t a perfect match but was by the same company and fit the slot. He powered it back up and tried the ‘0000’ again, the hatch popped and he could see an unconscious woman lying on the floor.

He pulled his gun, set it to stun and said, “Zyra, is she conscious yet?”

“Yes sir, she came around shortly after repressurization, while you were trying to open the pod.” she said helpfully.

The woman’s eyes shot open as she made to lung at him through the hatch. However he was ready and simply fired and dropped her to the floor of the ship, one foot still caught on the hatch. “Thanks Zyra?” said Lucky, then leaned down to take a closer look. The jacket, read ‘Kitsune’ and Lucky laughed. “Zyra, does she have an ID chip?”

             “Checking now,” Zyra said, “she does have a chip however it is encrypted. I’m decoding it now… It’s rather complex but the number is registered to a Eli Margaret Blake.” Lucky was bent over with laughter now. “Sir, is this who I think it is?”

           Wiping tears from his eyes he said, “Yes Zyra it is, now you know why they call me Lucky.”




“Your breakfast is here miss Emily.” came the voice of an overly cheerful servant as she set down a tray on the table in the room.

“grrrggh…. Five more minutes!” whined the disheveled form beneath the covers.

“As you wish of course miss” the servant said taking a small bow and leaving the room locking the door behind her.

As soon as the room was empty again Emily threw off the covers and pulled her messy hair back into an unruly ponytail. She headed to the table and examined the contents of the breakfast tray carefully and plucked a few select items from the tray. Specifically focusing on the peanut butter, the bananas, and the toast. She would eat the rest of the tray’s contents later but she was on a limited time frame and wasn’t planning on wasting a second of it. She had been using these three ingredients as well as some soap and some fertilizer and peat from the potted plants to slowly create some crude explosives. The round toilet paper tubes even almost helped make them look like their more famous explosive relative.

Today was the day and she wasn’t going to miss the opportunity. She knew the ingredients today wouldn’t have much time to process but it would still do the trick as she fed them into her rudimentary chemistry lab behind that terrible painter of her. Still the point was to create the biggest bang possible and every little bit would help. She’d been planning this for months since waking up in this paradise. The food here was amazing, she could go to the beach everyday, all of her whims were taken care of, often even before she asked for them. It was a true paradise and she hated every minute of it.

A small alarm clock went off in the lab space, blinking rather than making any noise. Thirty second warning, she closed up the hole again and threw on an elegant housecoat to hide her dress shirt and khakis she had put on earlier that morning. She sat down and began eating breakfast as a knock came to the door. “Come in” she chimed cheerfully as they expected.

“Miss, it’s been five minutes!” the servant said as she opened the door and walked in. “Seems you have a new rescuer today” she blushed introducing a tall dark-haired man who looked like the cover of some pretentious magazine for lonely and sexually frustrated teenager and elderly women.

He strutted into the room and posed, smiling a grin that looked like it was composed entirely of white chiclets. “I’m here to save you and take you away from this castle.” He preened. She had been here a month and about once a week some idiot would ‘save’ her only to ride around the island on a horse and return the same castle where the same attendants would meet her in a different coloured uniform. The man would be ‘mysteriously killed’ and later a new idiot of dubiously similar features would return.

She smiled but instead of rushing out the door with him in attempt to escape in the forest like usual, Emily said “Could you please wait in the hall for a moment while I get changed?” she asked gesturing to the housecoat.

“Of course!” he said with a bow.

“Wait!” Emily cried and grabbed a box from her bed, “Could you hang onto this for me too?” she asked meekly.

He took the package with a curious smile and turned to leave again, the servant following him and locking the door again.

“Idiots.” Emily scoffed as she lit a fuse under the painting then, flipped the mattress up and waited with fingers in her ears. The explosion ripped the side of the wall right out of the building. And she quickly grabbed the mattress and dragged it to the smoking hole in the wall. The was a clatter of keys as the door was thrown up and her servant and the douchbag came running in to see what had caused the noise. She saluted them with one finger as she leaned out the hole and rode the mattress down the side of the roof and onto the back of a horse carriage outside caving the expensive carriage canopy in like it was made of paper. Then she took off towards the port where a boat was still unloading supplies.

The servant and the idiot looked down at the box she had given him. Opening the lid, they found a message that read, ‘If it seems too good to be true, kill it just to be safe.’ He pulled the paper that hid the present out and heard a click. Inside was a small bundle of homemade explosives with a countdown timer that was already at two seconds and the words ‘PS. I’m no damsel assholes!’

Emily had just gotten the horse drawn carriage to the docks when she heard the second explosion. She bowled over anyone in her way and headed right up the ramp onto the ship. Where a startled captain received a swift kick to the jaw and over into the water. Before anyone could recover she was already headed back out to sea as ‘Faith’ by George Michael played on a boombox on the bridge.


Written while listening to the quoted song as a writing prompt. Not sure where all that came from lol

J. S. Figment


“I’m possessed, do you have any coffee?”

“I’m possessed, do you have any coffee?”


“Hi I’m Jilaiya DRAINER OF SOULS….” Jil coughed and cleared her throat, “sorry” she blushed as she received understanding nods from the circle of strangers before her. “Anyway, as I was saying, my name is Jil and I’m possessed.”

The group respond in an obviously rehearsed “Hi Jil!” and she even saw a few people give a little wave.

She took a deep breath and continued, “So, um, yeah. I was possessed when I was about seven when I got up the courage to try and kill the monster living in my closet.” I paused a series of mildly impressed gasps came from the people around me. “Yeah, my parents and siblings thought I was just making things up of course, but I knew the truth, I’d seen those eyes and teeth every night for years. Finally, I snuck in my older brother’s baseball bat into my room and I was ready for that bastard.”

“YOU CHEATED YOU…” her voice cracked.

“Sorry” she shrugged, “as I was saying that night when the thing in my closet predictably came to terrorize me and threaten to eat me I looked it right in those big lime sized eyes and said ‘Try it chuckles!’ and smacked it right between the eyes.”

More gasps of surprise came though much less mild this time.

A lady with small red horns cleared her throat and asked, “I’m sorry but how did you end up being possessed?”

“Alexandra! You know better than to ask a new guest something like that?” shot a skinny albino man with a sweater vest and a clipboard. “Please continue Jil” the man said reassuringly.

Jil smiled shyly in thanks, “Well I guess after that the creature went from being a shadowy mass of eyes and teeth to a full fledged seven-foot-tall demon drooling acid on my carpet. I was terrified and it glared at me and my bat and growled ‘Wrong move munchkin, now I have to eat you!’. I probably should have started crying and died right there, but I couldn’t help thinking, this scaly asshole made everyone think I’m crazy and how pissed off that made me. So finally, I glared right back at his stupid face…”

“HEY!” growled her demonic voice again.

“Anyway I glared at it and said ‘Not if I eat you first and I bit it’, it was so stupid but I couldn’t think of anything better to do in the moment and to my surprise it was like biting into a cotton candy balloon, as soon as I did I fell back to see the shocked look on the things face as it returned to the ball of gas I was used to and was sucked into my lungs with the piece I had bitten off.” The room was dead silent as everyone stared at me in amazement.

“WAIT?” growled a smoldering man next to Alexandra, “YOU’RE SAYING IT WAS YOU WHO ACTUALLY POSSESSED THE CREATURE?”

My blank confused stare seemed to say more than my words could as whispers broke out in the little group. The albino man simply smiled, “Have a seat Jil, everyone is just understandably taken aback since we don’t hear of many possessions like this. What you did was to actually enslave the monster in your closet in your own body. No small feat for a child but technically it is the one possessed by you as it has only limited vocal control to communicate with you. However, you should have limited if not full control over the being’s powers inside you.”

Jil sighed as she took a seat, “Well that’s a relief, but could you explain that to the human resources manager at my work. She’s the one who sent me here after that voice called her stuck-up bitch after she lectured me about my performance review.”

The albino smiled and his eyes glowed red slightly, “We’ll see how the rest of your sessions play out and go from there to be fair okay? Anything else?”

Jill shrugged, “Yeah, where’s the coffee?”

Ice Cream

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Ice Cream

“Oh no, not again.” whined Melody as she looked around her.

“What now!” said Sia next to her. “Don’t tell me this is another uncharted one?”

“Well…” Melody began then quickly said, “Hey look! They have ice cream here.” and began trudging towards the stand.

Sia sighed and followed while massaging her temples. As they entered the shop they saw a giant board with all the flavours, their glasses began running a program to read it. Finally, after it finished its translation she exclaimed, “Rocky Road! Who in their right mind would make a road flavoured ice cream. What the hell is wrong with these people.”

Melody shrugged, “Who knows maybe they’re like that dimension that still believed in capitalism, or the one where they thought constant voting removed the chance of corruption.”

They both sniggered at that drawing funny gazes from the employee behind the counter. Melody stepped forward and said, “We’ll have two Rocky roads please!”

“No!” screeched Sia, “Why would you order that one?!”

“Because when in dimension two do as they do.” Melody chimed wisely.

The man behind the counter handed over two cones and said “That’ll be ten dollars and seventy-six cents please.” as he gestured to the pin pad next to the counter.

“Awe crap!” Sia said, “It’s another moron dimension, this explains the road flavoured ice cream, I should have known.”

Melody meanwhile tapped her wrist device against the machine which quickly distorted and registered as approved. “There you go” she said

The man’s eyes went wide, “How did you do that? This machine doesn’t even have tap.”

“We abolished currency where I’m from centuries ago, really sped up the whole technological cooperation thing.” Melody explained as Sia stepped out side tapping frantically at her own wrist.

A portal opened up and she stepped inside waving for Melody to join her, “Hurry up, next they’re going to say an election is coming up or something.”

“Oh, are you friends of one of the mayoral candidates?” asked the man behind the counter.

The two women cringed and jogged deep into the tunnel. Sia yelling, “This place is crap let’s never come back!”

Melody nodded her agreement and said after swallowing some ice cream, “At least it’s documented now and we can determine our location in the next dimension from it’s data, and I must say, they have the best tasting roads I’ve ever tried!”


Writing Prompt:

‘You can’t know where you’re going’ he thought ‘if you don’t know where you’ve been’

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