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    “That’s why I’m taking control of this company you belligerent old wind bags.” Zelia shouted as she slammed her tiny palms onto the table surrounded by a bunch of ageing piles of excrement with health insurance. All of which now stared at her with mixed expressions of shock and belligerent disdain.

    “Aren’t you the one who delivers the mail?” asked one elderly woman to the right of the CEO. “You have no proof of these claims,” she gestured at the documents they had been given when Zelia had burst in. “No one will believe any of this and we will use our lawyers to visit upon you a perdition the likes a nobody like yourself can’t even begin to imagine… LOOK AT ME WHEN A SUPERIOR IS TALKING TO YOU!!!” roared the flabby sac of crap from her chair.

    Meanwhile, Zelia was staring patiently at her watch and raised her middle finger palm out to request her ‘superior’ to kindly shut her cake gargling hole for a second. “There we are.” she muttered, then raising her head she apologized “Sorry about that, but I was just making sure that I implicated all your lawyers in this as well. Each one has just been served with similar documentation that contained a subpoena as well. I’ve offered them the option of paying penalties to the company in the hundreds of thousands as a settlement if they will testify against each of you. I also gave instructions to some friends who helped deliver these subpoenas to message me if anyone rejected the offer before 9:15am after they had read the paperwork.”

    “Why would they agree to being fined?” asked a nasaly man to Zelia’s left.

    “My apologies, the alternative was that I take them down with you, and since copies of this file will be made public, along with all bank records and security footage of your individual transgressions, within the hour; they all opted to take the option that didn’t result in a multi-decade imprisonment sentence.” Zelia added with a grin.

    “You treacherous snake! How dare you threaten the people who gave you employment and ….” spat the CEO finally losing his cool.

    “I’m sorry?” Zelia roared to silence him, “You treat us like garbage and are slowly running this company, the Platypus company, into the ground. You’re supposed to be the leading company in technology, adapting and creating the technology of tomorrow, the moto is freaking Excelsior, which literally translates as ‘ever upwards’!” she finished.

    “We’ll crush you, you’re nobody! You can’t run this company and each of us have enough money to bury you like the trash you are!” this came from the man to the CEO’s left and triggered a series of nods from his coworkers, desperately trying to hide how flummoxed they were feeling at all this.

    “Had money!” Zelia corrected smugly, “And I’m not going to run this company by myself.” she reached down into her suitcase and produced a stack of profile photos, each with a description of who the person was, fields of expertise, job experience etc.

    The increasingly nervous group of board members all looked over the pile of photos. She could see the horror on their faces as realization sunk in, these were all people they had fired and treated terribly, many of whom had since moved up to fairly prominent positions in competing companies since then. The CEO grabbed one photo especially and  glared at it, then laughed “The janitor? You want to make the janitor CEO?” he bellowed with a laugh, which prompted forced brown smelling laughter from the other board members.

    “I do actually, but maybe you don’t understand why.” she shrugged, “That man changed his name about fifteen years ago, and grew that beard, but before that he was known as William Rufus Archibald, otherwise known as the co-founder of…”

    The CEO’s face had gone white as he finished her sentence, “The platypus company” and sat back heavily in his seat.

    The woman to his right stood this time and roared again, “You think you can threaten us with nobodies from the past? Archibald was weak and too altruistic to take the opportunities that were presented. We weren’t we made sure that no one in this industry would ever compete with us, we’ve killed people a thousand times more ruthless than you! We’ve robbed people and companies to make sure we were the dominant power in the industry, and we covered our tracks like experts. You may have found a few strings we missed but by the end of the day those will vanish too, and do you know why?” Zelia shrugged with a small smile, “It’s because, even if you sent this to the press they’ll never air it. We own everyone, I could kill you right now and no one would know, because that’s the kind of power we have!” she fumed breathing heavily.

    “Had” corrected Zelia said as she activated a TV behind her which showed the security cam footage of the room. They all scoffed for a moment before noticing the live news feed at the bottom. They were watching themselves live on TV. “Good luck talking your way out of that.” Zelia said as the sound of stomping feet grew closer from the hall. “This has been years in making, and when my dad is CEO again, we’ll make sure this company is never taken advantage of again.”

           As they went to protest the doors were kicked open and a man in a long tan coat brandishing a warrant stormed in followed by armed officers. As they were handcuffed and dragged away with tears and screams, a freshly shaven man in a grey suit walked in. He walked over to stand beside Zelia as they watched the board being arrested. He then turned and smiled “Busy day today peanut?”

    Zelia scowled, “I just undid over a decade of corruption and made sure those responsible were held accountable, and you’re still calling me peanut?” Her pouting face cracked into a smile and she gave her dad a hug. On the television a newscaster related the details of the scandal as well as the change in the companies management structure. As it did the stock counter below showed their stock increasing for the first time in over a decade.


— This was for a writting group I’m in, we chose 5 random words and had to use them in a story or poem. Weird outcome but great exercise for anyone trying to get into writting.


Thanks for reading, if you liked this or have any helpful advice feel free to comment below, or send me a message throught the contact page.

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