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I breathed heavily after narrowly escaping a ravenous howling beast. This was pathetic, I had once brought doom and dismay to all those who dared challenge me. Yet here I was now sitting by a gargantuan tree, hiding from my relentless pursuers. I was small and powerless in this new world and was quickly beginning to fear dying from hunger. Then the snow and ice came, what kind of frozen hell was this? I would have to climb one of the giant trees and huddle in the branches safe from the beasts below in order to make it through the nights.

After a few days of this I had taken to eating bark, needles, and a few giant grains I found but was still starving. I was quickly being forced to understand the perspective I had thrust onto so many unsuspecting peasants. I now was living that horrid existence in this new world and I had to admit it was very humbling. I mean it’s easy to forget how fragile life is when you can wipe out an entire city with the wave of your hand, or survive being engulfed by pure plasma in an explosion from your sheer hardiness alone. A trait I’m sad to say has been stripped from me.

As if the snow wasn’t bad enough the weather soon dropped to well below freezing and the ground turned solid. Everyday I head out in search of food which became both easier and harder. Easier because the beasts that chased me on a daily basis had gone into hiding and harder because I could only search for food for a tenth of the time I could before due to the weather.

Finally, on my third week in this strange punishment I was greeted with a pile of walnuts. They were set in the lower branches of one of the giant trees, and each one was about the size of my head. I watched them intently for a few hours as my stomach growled. Then, rallying my courage I grabbed one of them and quickly scurried back out of sight. I cracked the shell and devoured the giant innards of the nut and fell into a blissful sleep. I returned to find that the other nuts were still there and made the decision to gather them up for later and would check back every now and then to find the pile refreshed.

After I few months my torment was lifted and I was returned to my own world, but I never forgot the lessons learned in that strange land. I never met the creature that had saved me during that hellish time with the pile of giant walnuts. However, I do remember the strange incomprehensible words that I heard muttered before my return home, “Damn that’s a weird looking squirrel!”

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