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“Crap.” muttered the glowing girl, looking around at the alley she had just woken up in. “This is bad.” she looked at the tall buildings and breathed in the foul odour of exhaust, sweat, and artificial scents. She pulled herself to her feet, “Seriously? It was one prank, I don’t feel this is justified!” she screeched at the sky which was a dull and indifferent grey as it glared back at her in a condescending tone.

She sighed, “Who cares if I scared them, they’re just humans.” The sky seemed to darken slightly in response. “Fine! But how long do I have to stay here?” the sky shifted slight as a ray of sunshine broke through. She scowled at the sky, “Very cute!” she spat in response, “I’ll be off this rock in no time, just you wait and…”

She was cut off by a woman screaming at the end of the alley, “AHHHHH, PERVERT ANGEL!”

‘Great’ she thought, ‘just what I needed, christians’. It’s not that she had anything against christians per say, they just always overreacted at the drop of a hat about the smallest things. Of course, being a pack animal, it didn’t remain just one psychotic ape screaming at her, soon the end of the alley was packed with monkeys in various cloth coverings all staring; partially at her naked butt, but mostly they looked at her large grey wings that protruded from her back.

They murmured various comments between each other and she could practically feel the grime coming off them. Her violet eyes glared at them, making sure to portray just enough of a predator to keep their tiny monkey brains just unsure enough not to step into the alley way. She knew it wouldn’t work forever and finally an overweight pale police officer barged through the crowd, “What’s the problem… Holy crap!” he said as he saw her. Then, after a few moments of ogling he remembered his job and began spouting some nonsense about indecent exposure and other human garbage she didn’t understand. He uncliped a pair of hand cuffs from his belt and explained, “Not sure if you understand me but I’m just going to put these on you and take you to a place where people can help you.”

Before he could however a voice came from the other end of the alley as footsteps approached, “Sorry I’m late Freyda, I got held up by traffic I hope you’re ready for the shoot…” he trailed off glancing up from the equipement around his neck for the first time. “Who are all you lot?” he asked suspiciously behind the mask of dark makeup he wore.

“Do you know this lady sir?” asked the officer, gesturing at her with the handcuffs.

“I certainly do!” the man said disdainfully, “I’m a bit surprised you don’t, especially given the paperwork we had to fill out to take this shoot.”

“Paperwork?” The officer said incredulously.

“Ugh!” sighed the man, and handed over a thick pack of paper with a business card attached. “Yes, paperwork, photoshoot, you barricade, as per section of 17a subsection C9 in the agreement the city wrote up. Where is the barricade by the way?”

“I, umm, well, I didn’t know about any of this…” stammered the cop.

“Well if you could clear these people out so I can be out of this dank alley as soon as possible that would be lovely, okay?” the strange dark haired man condescended.

“Er, umm….” the officer said as he quickly read the section about barricading the alley and that the police had indeed been assigned to help with that. “I’ll get right on that, sorry, one sec.” He turned and muttered into his radio which came back with a blaze of angry comments about checking your assignments before heading out and not relying on routine. “Yesss, ssir , right away, sorry, won’t happen again” the officer stammered and began shouting at the crowd to clear them away.

The dark haired man turned to face her now and handed her a card, ‘It read Devlin Sata, Heaven and Hell Photography’

“Right, I’m here to keep an eye on you let’s get started. But first!” he hoisted his camera and took several pictures, focusing mostly on her face and from different angles.

Than a printer on his belt spat out a plastic card, which he shook and handed to her. His eyes flashing a dark red colour as he grinned “Welcome to Earth miss Angel, I’m your case worker Devlin.”

With that sentence alone all the delusions she had been hoping for were washed away with the cold truth of reality. “Earth” she sighed, “why did it have to be Earth.”

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