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    Jules stood at the door, just like everyone else in her class and the classes before her had. It was an ominous door and only four percent of people on the planet could even open it. She sighed, it was such a waste of time, the door was supposed to contain immeasurable knowledge on any topic you could think of and would even grant a wish if rumours were true. Of course, there wasn’t a single documented case of the door granting a wish, just providing basic information to that four percent of people who could even open the stupid thing. But for the last fifty years it had been part of the entrance exam to almost any university, and the main reason most students didn’t attempt it until their twenties. Despite the amazing potential of reward, there was also a twenty percent chance of being killed by the door as it obliterated you if it didn’t like your answers. She supposed it was to be expected from a mystical all-seeing door that read your minds and granted wishes, because that all made perfect scientific sense, right?

Jules just stared at the stupid thing, the instructor who had given them the introduction to the university had also painstakingly explained the process of the door. Apparently, you were supposed to reach out and turn the knob only when you had a vivid idea of what you wanted from the door. A wish, information, or even nothing at all, the latter being the recommended option for most students as it meant the door wouldn’t open, but at least you would probably live to see tomorrow.

But what should she think about? Jules had never been good at the whole blank mind thing, she figured that was mostly for people who had this overwhelming desire to be a part of society. The same society that put their trust into mystical things like gods, spirits, mystical doors, and brown drug filled liquid that tastes like manure aka coffee. She began to feel her face burn as she glared at the stupid doorknob and then finally she reached out; thinking, “I wonder what’s behind this thing anyway?” and yanked it open.

Jules stood staring at the black void in front of her, a few meters ahead there was a sign that read ‘Ask for knowledge or step forward for more’. She poked her head through the door and looked around, other than the ominously lit sign everything was black. She got a little freaked out and went to shut the door when she saw the other fingerprints inside the door in the dusty surface, then the fire inside her sparked again as she realized everyone else must have done one of the two options on the sign. It was like a cosmic yes or no question with no other options. She hated that, and as her anger grew she tried to think of what she could do to make the stupid sign eat those choices. She took a few steps back while thinking, and before she could begin questioning the wisdom of trying to pick a fight with a sign she took a running leap into the door, sailing past the sign and landing on a path that glittered from unseen star light.

“What the fuck?” she muttered as she looked back in stunned amazement, she saw that she was about two feet away from a sloping black metal slide that lead to some kind of inferno that seemed kilometers away. And looking around the room again she saw the path lead to a staircase that lead down another set of stairs with a small barely legible sign that said library and wishes this way.

She glanced back at the stupid sign to gloat at beating its dual choice problem like a pro. However, she was disappointingly greeted with the two must condescending words she’s ever read. ‘Nice Jump!’

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