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News Record #004281


Broadcast date: July 12th, 2095, Just outside of Lake Louise, AB, Canada

Patricia Tyson reporting. (Viewed >10 million times)


The camera opened to a massive storm being thrown up over a normally pristine lake as Patricia tries desperately to resist the wind and rain coming from a ball about two kilometers away. The cameraman counted down to one with his free hand and then used it to steady his heavy holo-camera.

“I’m here at Moraine lake where a recently awakened virtuous is literally raining havoc with some sort of weather manipulating power. We’ve seen winds that pick up to over two hundred kilometers per hour, sleet, rain, and even fire has come billowing out of the field generated by this newcomer.” She said gesturing to the ball of weather behind her. “Whoever this new virtuous is, hero or villain, remains to be seen, sorry one second…” she listened closely to a small earpiece nodding every couple of seconds before turning back to the camera. “Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve just been informed that the UN’s very own Valor is going to make an attempt to subdue the newcomer behind me until authorities can determine their identity. Oh, and here he is now…”

The camera panned up to reveal the red and blue outfit of the bulging muscular mass known as Valor. He posed briefly near the edge of the lake, winking at the camera then jumped forcefully upwards towards the storm ball above him. He hit it like a freight train but just bounced off, flying back and impacting into a parked car like a meteorite. He brushed himself off and took a run before attempting the exact same thing again with decidedly similar results. Losing his patience, he grabbed a large piece of the mountain and hurled the arrowhead shape up at the ball like a throwing knife one hundred meters long. This must have taken the newcomer by surprise because the protective ball evaporated and a young man with dark skin was left with a terrified look in his eyes as he dodged the rock spear. When he looked back however Valor was flying up towards him at full speed reading a massive punch.

The young man dodged just in time and unleashed the full fury of mother nature into the famed hero’s side. Valor was sent hurtling to the far side of the lake where he was held pinned by full-size tornadoes on his limbs. All of which the newcomer seemed to control with one hand. Valor was strong and near invulnerable but every hero had their limits and someone who could control the will of the skies themselves was no slouch. Valor struggled under the spinning vortexes which moved with such precision as to not interfere with each other and to continually blow back the stronger hero’s limbs as he tried to right himself. “Oh my god!” squeaked the newscaster, “Valor is being held down by the young man by wind alone. Is that even possible?”

It was a good question because only one person had ever beaten valor, let alone slow him down. The boy seemed to panic as Valor began to make progress in standing, and with his free hand he began building a huge electric charge. Valor looked up, and although no one could see it from this distance everyone knew by how he stopped that there was real fear on his face. The boy lobbed the ball of lightning which shot down like a rocket.

Before it hit, however, it was deflected and launched back at the boy who tumbled down towards the water, electricity still sparking off him. A dark shadow zoomed over the water like a specter and grabbed the boy out of thin air depositing him safely on the shore.

It all happened so fast that even the high frame rate only captured a shadowy figure for the twenty-four seconds it took for the whole exchange to take place. “What?….What just happened?” asked Patricia, “Did you get that?” she said shooting a panicked look at the cameraman who could be heard saying he wasn’t sure.

“Is Valor still….” she was cut off by an enraged scream from the other side of the lake. Now that the storm wasn’t in the way, the cameraman zoomed in and got a closer look at the hero who now had a symbol seared into his chest, right through his costume. The cameraman swore as he zoomed in to maximum range to confirm the triangle symbol made of intertwined lightning bolts engraved into the supposedly invulnerable hero’s chest. The cameraman said something too quiet for the mics to pickup but Patricia obviously heard him because she screamed, “What? Did you say the lightning man was here?” The camera zoomed out and turned to face the now very pale Patricia Tyson who simply stood mumbling into the microphone, “He was…. It was… that monster was here…” and then proceeded to faint.


-Video End-


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Thanks for reading, and Happy Father’s Day

J.S. Figment

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