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Ice Cream

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Ice Cream

“Oh no, not again.” whined Melody as she looked around her.

“What now!” said Sia next to her. “Don’t tell me this is another uncharted one?”

“Well…” Melody began then quickly said, “Hey look! They have ice cream here.” and began trudging towards the stand.

Sia sighed and followed while massaging her temples. As they entered the shop they saw a giant board with all the flavours, their glasses began running a program to read it. Finally, after it finished its translation she exclaimed, “Rocky Road! Who in their right mind would make a road flavoured ice cream. What the hell is wrong with these people.”

Melody shrugged, “Who knows maybe they’re like that dimension that still believed in capitalism, or the one where they thought constant voting removed the chance of corruption.”

They both sniggered at that drawing funny gazes from the employee behind the counter. Melody stepped forward and said, “We’ll have two Rocky roads please!”

“No!” screeched Sia, “Why would you order that one?!”

“Because when in dimension two do as they do.” Melody chimed wisely.

The man behind the counter handed over two cones and said “That’ll be ten dollars and seventy-six cents please.” as he gestured to the pin pad next to the counter.

“Awe crap!” Sia said, “It’s another moron dimension, this explains the road flavoured ice cream, I should have known.”

Melody meanwhile tapped her wrist device against the machine which quickly distorted and registered as approved. “There you go” she said

The man’s eyes went wide, “How did you do that? This machine doesn’t even have tap.”

“We abolished currency where I’m from centuries ago, really sped up the whole technological cooperation thing.” Melody explained as Sia stepped out side tapping frantically at her own wrist.

A portal opened up and she stepped inside waving for Melody to join her, “Hurry up, next they’re going to say an election is coming up or something.”

“Oh, are you friends of one of the mayoral candidates?” asked the man behind the counter.

The two women cringed and jogged deep into the tunnel. Sia yelling, “This place is crap let’s never come back!”

Melody nodded her agreement and said after swallowing some ice cream, “At least it’s documented now and we can determine our location in the next dimension from it’s data, and I must say, they have the best tasting roads I’ve ever tried!”


Writing Prompt:

‘You can’t know where you’re going’ he thought ‘if you don’t know where you’ve been’

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