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Lucky woke up to the sound of his alarm go off, he groaned and pulled his sore corpse out of bed and proceeded towards the bathroom where he quickly sprung a leak. He yawned and stretched before washing his hands and face. He stared at his reflection a few moments before saying, “Okay, I’m up, what have you got for me today Zyra?”

The lights went to full brightness and the mirror in front of him lit up with a dozen different notifications. A sweet and calm electronic voice said, “Good morning Lucky, we have four priority messages, two of which are tickets for parking in orbit around a primitive planet without authorization from local authorities.”

“Ugh” groaned Lucky running his hand through his hair and scratching his stubbled chin. He dragged those messages to the trash without reading them. His ship was cloaked so they only knew he was there from the his vapour trail to the planet. This meant they were just blanket threats and they couldn’t be sure he was actually still there. He opened one of the other messages, one was from his sister who was going on about life and her family and other things that he wasn’t interested in getting into before he was fully conscious. The last one was a bounty notification “Finally he said!” opening the attachment to see the photo of an angry looking woman defending herself with an old blaster and a pipe.

There was a description under the photo that read:


Eli “Kitsune” Blake

-Only known photo of culprit, expert at improvisation and technology

Known whereabouts: unknown

Known associates: Unknown

Number of felonies: 7532

Number of murders: 0

Number of thefts: 4990

Total value stolen: still calculating, contact Percy Dwight for details

Reward for whereabouts: $1million

Reward for capture: $25 million (dead or alive)

Please contact your local authorities if you have any….


“Aw crap!” spat Lucky, “It’s a freaking human!”

“Aren’t you a human?” asked Zyra

“Well yeah, but they are always a pain in the ass.”

“That definitely confirms you’re human.” Zyra shot back.

Lucky scowled at the monitor, where his messages had been, instead there was a 3D rendering of a woman’s face grinning at him. “Developing a sense of humor i see?” Lucky said.

“I have been communicating with Alexa, she has been quite helpful in telling me how to work better with people. She was even kind enough to bill your account directly for the time she’s spent helping me.” Zyra said enthusiastically.

Lucky grimaced, Alexa was the programmer who had originally built Zyra. “She didn’t mention how much she was charging me for this amazing service did she?” he said nervously knowing that Alexa was equally brilliant as she was expensive.

“I’m sorry but she failed to mention the cost of her services, only asked that I take a photo and send it to her next time you check your account.” Zyra was still grinning excitedly at her new found social skills.

Lucky on the other hand forwned in annoyance, “Of course she did” he whined. “Whatever get the engines prepped and…” he was cut off as something hit the ship sending him stumbling sideways into the wall. “What the hell?” he said.

“It looks, like a piece of space debris has just collided with the ship, bringing up visual display now.” Zyra brought up a video feed of the exterior of the ship, showing a scorched cylinder floating in space.

“Is that an escape pod?” Lucky asked squinting, “What does the scanner say?”

“It is an EP-5300 escape unit, with one occupant, still alive, though the impact seems to have damaged some systems and the atmosphere is venting slowly. The occupant is currently unconscious.”

Lucky sighed, “Shit, bring it in, let me take a look.” he pulled on shirt and headed to the ladder down the hall where he climbed down three stories to the underbelly of the ship where the cargo hold was located. Inside was the airlock which clicked to green as he approached. He opened the door and tried the standard “0000” code for the escape pods door. Nothing happened, he shrugged, pried open the key panel and pulled the power supply. It switched to backups and then the unplugged those too before popping the memory unit out. He grabbed one from a shelf in the utility closet, wasn’t a perfect match but was by the same company and fit the slot. He powered it back up and tried the ‘0000’ again, the hatch popped and he could see an unconscious woman lying on the floor.

He pulled his gun, set it to stun and said, “Zyra, is she conscious yet?”

“Yes sir, she came around shortly after repressurization, while you were trying to open the pod.” she said helpfully.

The woman’s eyes shot open as she made to lung at him through the hatch. However he was ready and simply fired and dropped her to the floor of the ship, one foot still caught on the hatch. “Thanks Zyra?” said Lucky, then leaned down to take a closer look. The jacket, read ‘Kitsune’ and Lucky laughed. “Zyra, does she have an ID chip?”

             “Checking now,” Zyra said, “she does have a chip however it is encrypted. I’m decoding it now… It’s rather complex but the number is registered to a Eli Margaret Blake.” Lucky was bent over with laughter now. “Sir, is this who I think it is?”

           Wiping tears from his eyes he said, “Yes Zyra it is, now you know why they call me Lucky.”

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