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Under the cover of clown makeup

Under the cover of clown makeup

   Corliss stared at the group of robed individuals below her, this was the biggest story of any journalist’s career and here she was in a clown suit, trying not to squeak with excitement.

There was about thirty people she could see and who knows how many more beyond the square illuminated by the over head chandelier.  A man with sky-blue robes stepped forward and through his hood back. Corliss’s eyes went wide as recognition clued in, she zoomed in to be sure. There standing in front of the oval pit was the mayor of the town, Nevan Banks. His bald head reflecting the light just like it had at so many press conferences.

He began chanting in some ancient language which seemed based on mucus gargling. Soon the whole room was thundering with the combined chant of what must have been over a hundred people. Then the chanting stopped and someone hit a massive drum ecstatically as the pit began to glow an ominous pink colour.

As it did she caught the mayor turn around and yell “Bring forth the holy prophet!”

A group of burley half naked men carried a large box and propped it over the pit. Then on lifted off the lid and inside was a giant pink octopus with the name “Larry” tattooed on its head.

“Hmmpf, now there’s something you don’t expect to find under a library” whispered Corliss to herself.

More chanting began as the mayor stuck his hand over Larry. The octopus grabbed his hand and pink light projected from the mayor’s eyes into the area above them, it showed an impending apocalypse with tentacled monsters destroying everything and people cowering in fear along with thousands of smaller images it was too hard to make out.

After he had finished the mayor took his hand back and said, “Larry thinks we should definitely invest in that flood gate for may.”

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