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Free Fruit

Free Fruit


Glyc followed his great aunt up the hill, she was eighty-five and couldn’t really make the journey on her own anymore. “How ya doing aunt Hibi?” he asked. His great grandfather had been a botanist and had named his daughters after flowers and his sons after weeds. It had become somewhat of a running joke and had continued down the family line from there.

“I’m fine Glycine,” she said using his full name, “I’ve been making this trip every week since well before you were a dirty thought in your father’s mind. Not sure why you kids always insist on following me up here the way you whine about it.”

He cringed at that but followed her anyway. “It’s just the walking but who doesn’t like fresh fruit.” he countered.

“Oh yes, the horrors of walking!” she mused waving her hand and cane around sarcastically to emphasize the word horrors. “Perhaps you would prefer to be four hundred pounds and drive one of those fat carts they use for tourist who haven’t seen any of their own business below their waist for decades.”

“Sorry aunt Hibi I didn’t mean anything by it, I just don’t know why we simply don’t go and buy fruit from the store sometimes?” he asked.

As they reached the wild garden on the side of the volcano she said, “It’s because these are free.” then with a shrug added, “Or as free as you can get with a little work. I mean sure we just climbed all the way up here but it’s no different then walking all the way to the store and then having to pay for the same thing.”

“I guess that makes sense.” Glyc said as his great aunt twisted her cane and pulled forth a small sword, she hacked a pineapple off it’s stem and cleaned the blade on her dress as her great nephew gathered it up.

“Never forget kiddo, everything in life has a price but it’s all in how you choose to pay it, so you might as well do your best to be as free as that pineapple.” she smiled with him and they both turned to head back down the trail.


Writing prompt was “Free as…”


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