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Prison Experiments

Prison Experiments



Day 1

They got me, I was hoping that I would escape or at least get a less horrid jail. Unfortunately, I’m stuck here in a room with plastic walls, ceiling, and floor. I’d complain but at least the floor is covered in a soft carpeting. I’m not sure what they’re going to do with the inmates here but, from the looks I saw on the other prisoners when I came in, I doubt it will be good.


Day 7

It’s been my first week here and they haven’t really checked on me much. They just dump give me food and water everyday. Mostly I just stare out at the bright lights beyond the glass. I can’t make out much but I can hear the high-pitched scream of the other inmates as they are taken out of there cells. I’ve made a few acquaintances with the other inmates around me. Most of them don’t even remember their names, just going by their inmate number such as my one neighbor 246. I’m 247 according to the cell number.


Day 16

I just got back from my first round with the guards, they ran some tests on me and then they held me down and injected me with something. I don’t know what it was but it burned like hell. I got dumped back in my cell after that and shook the whole night in excruciating pain until I passed out.


Day 17

They ran the same tests on me today and apparently, they liked what they saw. They tried to bribe me with a second lunch but I told them they could shove it. The guards just shrugged and held me down for another injection.


Day 22

The injections hurt less and less each day, I’m doing better and honestly, I feel pretty good. I can beat their tests in one hundredth of the time now and even the new ones they’ve thrown at me to try and mess me up are pretty easy. An inmate named Fred I heard died today after he grew an extra arm. I’m not sure what’s going on in this place but I plan to find a way out.


Day 47

I figured it out, there’s a vent that runs straight outside as long as you can turn that giant fan off first. I’m not sure how I’m going to do it yet but I know I’m ditching this place.


Day 56

Oh my gosh, tomorrow is the day, they’re shutting the fan down for maintenance. I just overheard a couple of the guards whining about how hot it would be tomorrow. They also said they’re sticking to basic physical tests tomorrow. It’s now or never.


Day 57

I woke up early today and spent most of the morning trying to convince the other inmates that this was the day to make a break for it. Not one of them seemed very enthusiastic about escaping. 246 refused to talk to me at all, I’m not sure if he’s dead or not but I could still hear laboured breathing from his cell. When the guards screamed I yelled enthusiastically to be the first for testing today. They sent me through the ringer and watched me closely right until the end. Then when their backs were turned I jumped the small divider that separated the rest of the room and dove into the open-air vent. I slid straight past the mechanic working on the fan and out into the open air where I made a run for it. In under five minutes I was free.



Day 1

What the hell was I thinking! The outside world is terrifying, I’ve had to defend off four attacks on myself already. That last one was the worst, looking at me like some kind of entree. He won’t be looking at anyone for awhile after I broke his stupid beak off. Damn hawks think us mice are just food but he didn’t see that right hook coming.


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