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Do you want to go fast?

Do you want to go fast?


Tommy revved up his engine looking over at his little sister in the car next to his, “You can’t win Shelby, I’m just better than you are!” He laughed maniacally as he revved his engine again to show off. Meanwhile, Shelby just stared straight ahead as her friends cheered her on from the sidelines. She was always improving, that was true, but he had always managed to stay one step ahead with the latest gadget or tuning technique to keep his vehicle the fastest and easiest to handle monster on the track.

Shelby simply watched the lights tick down from red, to yellows and finally green, her brother took off like a shot easily pulling ahead in the first fraction of a second but she was ready for it and began gaining on him as they entered the first turn of the track. She simply made sure to breath steadily, she wanted to believe her friends who had painstakingly helped her build her car up from the pile of crap she had purchased over four years ago. Still, experience had taught her better, her brother had always managed to beat her by being faster, and despite her hopes today probably wasn’t going to end any differently.

Yet that wasn’t the point she reminded herself as she rounded the corner coming out side by side with her brother, the point was to learn through these failures. Every time he beat her and gloated she trained harder and her friends made sure she was as fast and as safe as possible for her next race. She could never do all the repairs and modifications on her own like her brother could but at least she had friends.

They turned the last corner and without even realizing it she had matched her brother move for move and was slowly pulling ahead as the nitrous they had both used in the last straight stretch died off until the finish line was in sight.

400m… 300m… 200m… 100m… every moment she got a few feet ahead and finally she passed the finish line. She’d one, it had taken four years and untold number of hours of study and labour but she had won…. No that wasn’t right, her team had one, just proving you can go farther when you work together.


If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.



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