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It’s a small world

It’s a small world


Sonia watched the glowing blue green orb out the ships window as nervousness clenched in her stomach. ‘Would it work?’ ‘Would they listen?’ ‘Or was she about to commit plane-cide?’. She exhaled a shaky breath, it was too late to turn back now, so she simply put on her helmet and headed for the bridge of the first interstellar spaceship mankind had ever created, and it was in the hands of someone they would see as villain. “Well fuck them” she muttered as she took her seat in the captain’s chair.

“I’m sorry sir?” asked her assistant, a meek blonde-haired boy she had saved, or kidnapped depending on the news source, from a rich snobby family that owned several banks around the world.

“Nothing,” boomed the speakers in her helmet “Let’s get this nonsense over with.”

A large section of the front screen flickered and was replaced with a video feed of the UN council. “Nomad! What is the meaning of this! How dare you think you can threaten this planet, your own planet, with demands like this!” it was of course, the American representative who filled the video feed with hot air first.

“My demands are necessary because the governing bodies of this planet have repeatedly refused to cooperate to fix the problem themselves.” Nomad countered, the exasperation evident in her tone.

“We agree, and we share your concerns for the long-term longevity of the planet.” Said the Japanese dignitary.

“But!” interjected the obese American again, “We refuse to cooperate with terrorists, we’ll destroy this planet before we work with you!”

“Seriously?” groaned Nomad, and she was somewhat relieved to see she was joined by over half of the UN representatives. “I don’t care what names or labels you call me… You know what?” she paused, “Why am I explaining myself to a sac of crap like you? Go sit in the corner!”

“What!” yelled the American as though being treated like an ignorant child was somehow new to him.

“Can we use the grid to give him some incentive?” she asked one of the technicians to her right.

“Yes sir, lethal?” she asked.

“No just so he moves.” Nomad said waving a hand, “Ok dingus, get in the corner and try to think, any thought will do and be a vast improvement over whatever you’re doing now.”

“Now see here you… ARRGH!” the fat man screamed as his obnoxious cowboy hat was vaporized from his head taking most of his hair with it. He went to swear at the Sonia as her cold metallic mask glared down at him. Luckily for him, one of the security staff quickly grabbed him and moved him “safely” towards the corner.

“Anyway,” Nomad continued, “it’s been 24 hours since my warning and the deadline to choose is now.”

The Japanese representative sighed, “We would of course like to work with you as it seems you wish only for the prolonged survival of this planet. However, we could not convince everyone to agree to your demands in the time provided.” She sounded genuinely disappointed in that as though apologising for the failures of humanity in a single sentence.

“It’s alright, I had hoped to avoid doing this forcefully but you leave us little choice. Your technology will be shut down and I’ll be monitoring the planet for the eighty-one hours the planetary repair program finishes. You have my condolences and we will see your descendants in a thousand years by your perspective.” Nomad bowed her head to the screen respectfully.

“Thank you and good luck.” said the Japanese representative as she bowed back, as did most of the UN delegates behind her, before the feed shut off.

Sonia took her helmet off and sighed, “Stupid government tools” then noticing she was being watched she yelled, “Alright! You heard her, start the program, how are the calibrations?”

Her assistant stepped forward with a pad of numbers, “All calibrations were completed before you made the call sir.”

“Ready when you are sir!” said the head technician.

“Then fire and I hope all of you are well rested, we have a world to save so we’re not resting for the next eighty-one hours.” Sonia said.

The grid of satellites all came online creating a net around the Earth, then slowly they began to shrink the planet until it was the size of a basketball protected by glowing dots that had merged into a small station as various programs ran to correct what had become an undoubtedly fatal collection of environmental issues. Meanwhile, Nomad and her crew watched the feed and made any alterations needed in real time to recalibrate the system as time was accelerated for earth’s inhabitants.


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