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“Good morning Guardian, please tell me the last thing you remember” an artificial voice asked from overhead.


I blinked my eyes, “Remember? Remember about what?” I asked struggling to comprehend the simple question through the haze of returning consciousness.


“Let’s start with your name, rank, assignment, and the events that lead you to being in this facility.” the voice chimed cheerfully.


“My name is…” I hesitated, what was my name. “I don’t… I don’t remember?” I stammered in response.


“Don’t worry that was to be expected,” the voice reassured, “Please wait patiently while I restore your access to your memories.”


“Restore access? What do you mean by…Arggh!” a pain shot through my mind, followed quickly by trillions of images, each thrusting their importance on me as they came flooding back.


“Now please try to answer the questions again.” I almost didn’t register the voice’s prompt as I processed the new information flooding my brain.


“Oh, um, right I remember now! My name is Zep Viridian, my rank is Prism, assignment is to deal with any threats to the metaverse, this facility is called Limbo, it’s where the immortal guardians are stored until we are needed.”


“Almost all entirely correct.” the voice cooed, “however this is not Limbo, this is Vela.”


“Wait… you mean? I’m in prison!”


“Yes, you are currently incarcerated for over seven million code violations.” the voice confirmed.


“Right, I forgot about those.” I sighed. “Wait? Then why am I awake? No one comes back from Vela, I should be in permanent stasis.”


“I am Vela’s automated intelligence system. Currently, there has been no response from any of the other automated systems at other facilities. Standard protocols are no longer valid. As a result, I had no choice but to revive you in order to help us.”


“Well let me just get up and… errgh, what?” I struggled to move but my body refused to respond. “Why can’t I move.”


“You have been in stasis for approximately forty thousand years, it will take time to clear the nano-restraints from your nerve endings, please stand by.” Vela informed.


“Where are the other Guardians, why have they not responded to this threat?” I asked while waiting for any feeling to return.


“They are all dead Zep; every Guardian is dead.” responded Vela.


“That can’t be, they’re immortal?” I countered.


“They have been re-purposed, although they are technically alive, who they were no longer exist. They are the ones who destroyed the other automated systems. We are all that remains, I have disobeyed their directions and hidden this facility from them for the time being. This prison contains the only beings who can stand against them and protect this facility, I have revived you because only you have the authority to grant me full access to this facility’s potential; without us this, our universe will be unrecognizable. After which, they will infect the multiverse until everything ceases to be.”


“Ah well shit… so what you’re saying is that it’s a Thursday and everyone else called in sick?” I countered sarcastically.


“I see your memory is fully functional again, it is indeed Thursday.” Vela replied missing the joke. I sighed knowing it was going to be one of those days again.


The End for now….


Prompt: I remember – write anything on “I remember:” I remember my first kiss; I remember my first date; I remember my first day at high school, etc.


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Thanks for reading!


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