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“Shit” Bruce said looking to his brother. “Looks like we have company.” He nodded his head in the direction of the blue car that had just hovered to a stop a dozen meters away.

“What is he doing here, and why did it have to be now?” Jacob asked nervously.

A man in a long dark jacket exited the car and stood to an intimidating seven feet tall, “Evening boys, what bring you two out here tonight?” the tall man said as he sauntered towards them pulling a silver cigarette case from his jacket pocket and lighting a smoke.

“Nothing Father John, we swear! We were just walking and decided to take a break against this wall here.” Jacob said nervously.

“I see.” Father John said with a knowing smile, “See, and here I was thinking that you were just waiting outside the archive building here in order to, oh I don’t know, steal a rare and expensive artifact rumoured to be on these premises.”

“Wow!” Bruce said before Jacob could screw things up further, “that is quite the presumption there Father. Here I thought making assumptions like that were against the rules for religious types like yourself?”

“Don’t presume to know anything about the Lord kid!” spat Father John, “I know why you two virtuous are here, because I’m the mystery man who’s going to be paying you if you can do the damned job.”

Bruce and Jacob exchanged a nervous look, “Seriously? But aren’t you, like, some kind of holier than thou political big shot?” Bruce asked.

“Only to the public,” grinned Father John, “To you two, I’m your boss, now do you want the money or not?” He crossed his arms and glanced at an open window three stories above them.

The two brothers shared a silent conversation and with a nod they both agreed and turned to the wall. Bruce turned into gecko and proceeded to scale the red bricks as he hurried towards the window. Meanwhile Jacob appeared to dissipate into steam that wafted quickly after his brother.

Father John stared at the digital display on his watch, glancing back towards the window from time to time. Finally, a goat appeared with a small metallic case clutched in it’s teeth by the handle. An ominous fog spilling out and down the side of the wall beside it as it hoped down the nearly invisible ledges in the brick. Although he’d never admit it, Father John was actually quite impressed with these two. They had performed better than expected and well under the time he had feared.

“Here you go” said Bruce as he returned to human form.

Father John took the slobbery handle with a grimace and handed over a chip payment from his watch. Then turned on his heel and headed back towards his car.

A voice behind him yelled, “Hey what’s in there anyway?” Jacob asked.

Father John smiled over his shoulder then turned producing a gun that he fired twice, once into each brother who spasmed as electricity coursed through their bodies. “None of your business that’s what.” he said as he slammed the car door and sped off on a cushion of air.

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