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The Twelve Capers of Christmas Day 1

Day 1

Breaking and Entering


Breaking News:

The police reported to an incident this morning at a local factory owned by Noel and Kringle Enterprises. At roughly 2AM this morning, a security guard was alerted to an intrusion after performing a routine perimeter check. On the south facing fence he discovered a hole had been expertly cut, large enough to walk through with ease. When police arrived at the scene they said there were tracks leading from one of the buildings and into the nearby woods where they lost the trail.

An inside source has confirmed that the specifications for a military contract they had just acquired had been stolen. They did not go into any detail regarding the type of technology the blueprint contained, only that the methods in which they acquired the contract had been somewhat unorthodox. No further information is available at this time but we will keep you posted as to the exact details of this story as they unfold.

Update: Although nothing has been revealed as to what was stolen, the police have informed us that a calling card has been discovered at the scene. Strangely enough it reads “You’ve been naughty! If you can’t play nicely, then you forfeit the right to play with toys like these. Have a merry Christmas! Signed C. Kringle”

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