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The Twelve Capers of Christmas Day 2

Day 2



Breaking News:

Another break-in has occurred  in our fair city, this time at a local animal rescue agency. Once again during the early morning hours, an unknown individual going by ‘C. Kringle’, broke into the secure facility owned by the Perfect Animal Treatment Society. A group that has been in the news frequently regarding their animal treatment policies. Several animals were freed and have yet to be located. Among some of the rarest were a pack of six albino kangaroos.

When asked about the break-in Tom Sangler, head of P.A.T.S, stated “This was an unjust retaliation in response to our work involving the release of wrongfully treated animals within the movie industry.” Mr. Sangler was no doubt referring to the allegations that they have repeatedly and intentionally harmed the animals they claim to rescue through malnutrition, drugging, and unhealthy living conditions, including restraints, that several zoos and professional animal trainers brought to light during P.A.T.S recent court case. Tom responded to questions regarding their treatment of animals he replied “Every animal is a vegan at heart, we are just doing our what we can to share our enlightenment with our furry brethren!” then proceeded to knock over one of our journalist before running away yelling “Vegetables are freedom!” over and over.

Currently the whereabouts of the released animals are unknown. Police have found another calling card from the increasingly infamous Kringle stating “You’ve been Naughty! These animals have suffered enough, maybe you’ll understand when you’re in a cage. Merry Christmas. Signed C. Kringle.”

This is the second incident by the mysterious criminal and it has the whole city asking, “Who is C. Kringle? Someone abusing the good name of Santa? Or is this their real name?” Only time will tell, but we will keep you up to date as the story unfolds.

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