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The Twelve Capers of Christmas Day 3

Day 3

Museum robbery


News update

New information has come to light involving the incidents regarding the mysterious burglar going by C. Kringle. According to a source, that wishes to remain anonymous, the information stolen two nights ago had something to do with anti-gravity technology. This conflicts with another recent report from Noel and Kringle Enterprises, stating they were building parts to aid in a joint research project involving time-dilation. The company adamantly claims no connection to the burglar who is using the name of one of the founders.

Their public relations representative, Greg Rinch, had this to say, “We aren’t sure who this criminal is but we suspect their pseudonym has been used to try and deface our beloved company. We are of course fully co-operating with the investigation and hope that this hooligan is caught and prosecuted as soon as possible.”

We currently haven’t heard anything new from authorities however we will update this story as things happen.

Breaking News

Police have responded to a call from the local museum where a 200 year old set of artifacts has been stolen from an austrian exhibition. It is currently unknown what the objects were but reports say they were a set of traditional garments that had recently been restored. Once again a note was left at the scene of the crime, according to a  security guard on duty. It reads “I’m sorry, I need these for something important. I will return them as soon as possible. Thanks and Merry Christmas. Signed C. Kringle”

Currently is unknown as to why the infamous Kringle has apologized for this crime and not any of the others but we will continue to monitor the situation and report as it develops.

***Illustration by Thomas Nest 1881

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