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The Twelve Capers of Christmas Day 4

The Twelve Capers of Christmas Day 4

Day 4



Seller: Puck69Jockey69

Item # 306193789

Price: $2500 OBO

Description: Vintage red sleigh, maple wood, excellent condition despite being over a century old. My horses won’t pull it no matter what I do to encourage them. Would like gone ASAP


CKHOHOHO: Is this still available?

Puck69Jockey69: It sure is, when would you like to pick up?

CKHOHOHO: I can send someone this afternoon, would you take $2000?

Puck69Jockey69: I was hoping for more, could you do $2450?

CKHOHOHO: Most I could do is $2250 if that’s okay?

Puck69Jockey69: Yeah I suppose I could do that. The address is (omitted by security).

Puck69Jockey69: You ****ing thief! You think you can steal from me?

Puck69Jockey69: When I find you I’ll kill you, who do you think you are?

CKHOHOHO: Someone who makes sure scum like you gets what they deserve.

Puck69Jockey69: Tough talk coming from someone who sends their pets to steal for them.

CKHOHOHO: William Zilks, you stole this sleigh after you killed your neighbor. You wanted his wife, she rejected you both before and after her husband’s death. She knows you killed him but had no proof. I did, and I’ve given it to the police. Consider the sleigh my payment for this warning. Run bill. Run.

Puck69Jockey69: *** we’re sorry but the user has deleted their account***

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