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The Twelve Capers of Christmas Day 5

The Twelve Capers of Christmas Day 5

Day 5

The letter


Daily Bulletin News Paper

The following is a letter that has supposedly been sent to us from the infamous C. Kringle who has been waging mischief and committing burglaries across our fine city. We have decided to release the letter unedited and remind people that we have no way of verifying if this is a genuine letter or some perverse hoax.

“Dear Daily Bulletin

I’m writing to share my side of recent events and to assure the public that despite how what I must do next may appear, I will always keep the safety and wellbeing of good citizens at the forefront of my actions.

Firstly, my grandfather has been kidnapped. I’m not claiming this as an excuse, only a reason for my aggressive actions. My parents died when I was young but you would remember them as the Elizabeth Noel and Joseph Kringle, founders of Noel and Kringle Enterprises. My name is Clara Kringle and the current CEO Diane Egoorcs has kidnapped my grandfather Kris Kringle. It’s hard to explain but there is more to my family history than what official sources state.

I will return everything I’ve taken to its rightful owners when I’m done. I do apologize to the good people I have inconvenienced in the meantime and thank them for their patience. To those who have been naughty however I warn that things are about to get much worse and highly recommend you return my grandfather ASAP!

Thank you

Clara Kringle”

As of now police are viewing the letter as a hoax and urge everyone to disregard it. All the same they do ask that any information leading to the arrest of C. Kringle should be reported immediately. Noel and Kringle Enterprises has also posted a reward for $10000 to anyone who helps bring this criminal to justice. Only time will tell what happens next in this ever developing story.

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