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The Twelve Capers of Christmas Day 7

The Twelve Capers of Christmas Day 7

Day 7

Good Deeds


Daily Bulletin

Although it seems the police and most media are remaining fairly tight lipped about the criminal Clara Kringle, our readers are not. We have been flooded in the last two days with dozens of letters praising the actions of Clara Kringle and even a few which seem to fill in the 48 hour absence. We’ve gotten permission to share some of the stories anonymously below.

“Clara saved my cat, she had run away and I cried a lot even though mommy and daddy did everything they could to find her. Then I was walking home and a voice overhead said ‘I found your cat! She got stuck in a shed.’ and waved from her sleigh in the sky.”

“I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t have seen it happen myself. As I was about to close up my shop, four thugs came in and tried to rob me. Suddenly the sound of sleigh bells filled the air and two of them when flying across the store, struck by what I later found out was two large fruitcakes. Before they could react Clara, dressed in red and white threw some ribbon and paper out of her sleeves and within seconds had expertly wrapped both criminals in red and green so tightly they couldn’t move. She then left a $100 bill in my tip jar and said ‘For your son’s medicine, I’m sure he’ll get better soon’ than vanished out the door in glittery mist.”

“I’ll be honest, I didn’t know it was her until after everything had happened. I had just gotten home from work, after finding out I had been laid off due to cutbacks which seemed to include only myself. I was feeling depressed and had decided to give up, I had the rope hung and was about to get on the chair when a knock came at the door. I tried to ignore it but she was persistent. I opened the door and she handed me an envelope. She was dressed like the postman but mine is a 50 year old man not this cute twenty-something girl with a twinkle in her eye and a nametag that read ‘Clara K’ . I thanked her and went to close the door but she told me to open the envelope as she was sure it was good news. Inside was a job offer from a company I don’t ever remember applying to who had gotten my resume. They were offering substantially more than what I was making before, but on top of that was a handwritten note with a 1-800 number. When I went to thank her she was gone, but I called the number and it was a suicide prevention line. I wish I could thank her properly so I really hope she reads this. Thank you Clara!”

“I was adopted and never knew my parents, I’ve searched for them for years but always came up dry. Yesterday I met my great uncle, who I have recently learned is my only living relative. I work in a hospital and this random taxi driver helped bring in a rather confused gentleman. He was looking for his long lost neice, myself, he was getting old and the stress of looking had caused him to have a panic attack. The driver, who had introduced herself as Clara Kringle, had calmed him down and just happened to bring him to my station. Through the intake paperwork I discovered he shared the same last name of one of my parents from my research. I commented on this, and we continued to find more and more similarities. I explained why my name was different thanks to my foster parents and a marriage. We cried hard as he explained how long he had looked for me to give me a few of my parents things they had left me. Needless to say I am eternally grateful, but during my tearful reunion with my great uncle, she had slipped away. If you’re reading this Clara, I can’t tell you how much what you did bringing us together means to us and our families, thank you so very much.”

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