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The Twelve Capers of Christmas: Day 9

The Twelve Capers of Christmas: Day 9

Day 9

Candy Canes and Confessions


“What the…. ARRGH” the man said tied to his chair, “Really? Right in the eyes?” he whined as his assailant shone a light in his face.

“Where is Santa?” his captor whispered.

“Have you checked a mall? Or a street corner? Those fat guys are everywhere this time of year.” He chuckled. A large candy cane slammed onto his foot, his bare foot, had she removed his shoes?

“A candy cane? Do you really think you can get me to talk with a candy cane?” he laughed.

“Wait for it.” the voice replied.

He scoffed but soon yelled out in pain as his foot began to freeze, slowly and painfully. She lifted the candy cane briefly, “What’s the matter with you? I’m just a security guard, I don’t know anything.”

She placed the candy cane on his foot again said clearly, “You are the head of security for N&K Enterprises” she twisted the cane and he screamed more. “You were sent to bring me in dead or alive, and now you’re going to tell me what I want to hear or bit by bit I turn you into the next Frosty the snowman.”

He gritted his teeth and lasted another two minutes, but caved as the icy sensation made it to his hip. “All right, Santa is under N&K Enterprises, there’s an old unused floor where we used to keep the main computer systems before liquid cooling and size made them small enough to downsize.” Immediately after the words left his mouth the freezing was replaced with a warm comforting sensation.

“Thank you” she said turning the lights on, “feels good to tell the truth huh?”

“Yeah” he said blissfully, “Wait? How did you do that?”

Clara smiled at her victim, “North-pole candy canes, they are cool when you lie and warm when you are honest, plus they taste like raspberries” she giggled.

“Well enjoy the information while you can, when I get free I’m going to hunt you down and…” he stopped abruptly as she rested one of the large candy canes around his neck the long end directed at his crotch, “What… What are you doing?”

“Just thought you could use some time to chill out.” she said gathering up her things and heading for the door.

“But…but….what about the candy cane?” all malice evaporating from his voice.

Clara grinned over her shoulder and said, “Think warm honest thought, but don’t worry, they can’t kill you, though they might make you wish they had.”

“Please, I’ll be good, I’ll change my ways, I’ll never do anything cruel or… AHHHH” he shrieked, “So cold, okay, I’m a bad man, I do bad things, I wanted to be a ballerina when I grew up but they said it wasn’t for boys” he felt warmer as tears rolled down his cheeks. The police found him several hours later, still babbling every honest thought that came to mind to stay warm.

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