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Selling a two year old purple platypus

Friendly especially when food is involved.

Trained to do several tricks including, sitting, fetching, checking stock prices, handling investments, and “taking care” of unwanted neighbors.

Goes by the name of Vinnie.

Consists of a diet of primarily meatballs, steak, and seafood.

I’m selling him as my new girlfriend wants to get a dog, insisting that those death threats with the flipper print are from Vinnie.

I tried to convince her she was crazy but when we found her cat at the bottom of the fish tank with cement around it’s feet even I had to admit things were getting out of hand.

All applicants please bring $500 dollars in unmarked bills to mailbox at the corner of 12th and Main for approval by Vinnie.

Serious applicants only, hoping Vinnie can go to a good home.

All shots up to date.


Writing Prompt: Write an advertisement for a pet for sale.

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