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            “Hey mister!” a small voice said, “Can you come play with us?”

            “Is something wrong Alexander?” my boss asked.

            “No sir, just finishing up some paperwork.” I grinned unconvincingly.

            “Well then stop staring off into space and do your work.” he snapped before storming off to his own office to presumably do even less than I currently was.

            “Mister!” the voice said again, “can you please play with us?” On my desk stood a foot-tall long eared rabbit.

            “I can’t right now” I whispered, “I’m working Vel!”

            She pouted and sat down on my desk barely avoiding her ears, “I don’t know what this work is but I don’t like it Mister!”

            “Ok,” I sighed, “what would you like to play?”

            Vel’s ears perked up at this and she flapped them once to land on her feet, “I want to play hide and seek!” I would have protested but she was off like a shot to hide.

            You may be wondering as to why I just didn’t leave her to her games and continue to work while she was away. The truth is that although she is normally good, she can still interact with the physical world. This resulted in people suspecting that parts of the store were haunted, as she had a bad habit of knocking things over and giggling when anyone got close to where she was hiding. As I heard a crash from the back room followed by nervous shouts, I knew I couldn’t just sit idly by so I hopped out in a hurry claiming to be looking for a specific part.

            They of course told me we didn’t stock the random item in question while I quickly scanned for my furry friend. I walked back to the human resources department to inquire about any forms required for changing how much I contributed to taxes each pay period. I barely listened to her as she went over everything, I would have to do for such a minor change. Still I saw no sign of Vel.

            I sat back down at my desk and made sure to keep an eye out for a pair of long ears poking out from somewhere. It wasn’t until I made my way to bathroom that I saw them. Two long ears protruded from behind the toilet paper dispenser. I stroked one of them carefully and said, “Well this has to be the softest tissue paper I’ve ever seen!”

            A giggle sounded out softly in the room, Vel jumped out from behind the dispenser and said “It sure took you long enough, what can we play now?”

            I sighed, “You know it’s hard for me to play with you while I’m at work.”

            “I know, Mister, but I just get bored.” she sighed.

            “Ok, well how about we play Funny Faces?” I suggested.

            “Yes!” she shouted pumping a paw in the air, “That’s one of my favourites!”

            “Mine too,” I smiled, “but after that I need you to go and check on your friends. I can’t have someone like Chint showing up here.” I cringed slightly at the thought of the large behemoth Chint happily send cars flying from the parking lot as he pranced about.

            “Oooh that’s a good one!” Vel said eyeing my worried face then making a goofy one of her own. I grinned back, “Yes, that’s one to one then, first one to ten wins.” and with that she squeezed under the door and disappeared. It was going to be a fun afternoon…

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