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Perfect world

Perfect world

Joey roared across the frozen flat land

Devoid of human life.

He bobbed his head and tapped his hand

Sitting next to his wife.

She swayed and sang along to the music

The kids giggling in the back

Each one wearing a warm tunic

Good humour they surely did not lack

“We’re almost home” cried dad,

Earning a cheer from his family

It was the best day they’d ever had

Racing ahead to see the dome’s canopy

Bringing the grey vehicle to a stop

They did up their coats and donned their masks

Then each disembarked with a hop

And headed to the door avoiding the cracks.

Inside was the last forest on earth

Their home that kept them safe

Though the planet outside lacked mirth

In here that was hardly the case.

Smiling people ran and greeted their frozen friends

While the storm outside swirled.

The apocalypse may have brought a terrible end

But in here at least, it was perfect world

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