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For Honour

For honour

        As soon as Emily entered the common room of her dorm, she could feel the tension in the air. A chorus of chants and encouragements mingled as she rounded the corner to see her best friend Delia was over at the arcade terminal next to an unknown boy with spiky hair and an orange shirt. They were playing, of all things, a retro game from the 1990’s called super Mario kart, as crowds of her fellow dorm mates cheered and jeered around them.

        “What’s going on?” she asked to her neighbour Betty.

        “That new guy Jay said he could totally destroy any of us at retro super Nintendo games so we’ve been having a tournament. Delia is our last hope to defend our dorm’s Honour!” Betty said then booed at Jay loudly.

        “You’ve run a good race but it’s over!” Delia yelled as her kart on screen turned into the home stretch.

        “You’d think so but…” Jay countered drawing the final word out until a random red shell crashed into the back of Delia’s kart mere feet from the finish line.

        “What!” Delia shouted, “That’s totally not possible, I was dropping banana peels like a virgin football jock drops bad pickup lines.”

        “Hey, I warned all of you that this was how it would go down. Don’t go getting all surprised about it now.” Jay said shrugging as a torrent of pretzels and other snacks belted him harmlessly.

        He then hopped onto the counter and said, “Is there no one who can challenge me?” in an over dramatic voice.

        “I’ll take you!” Emily said to a round of cheering.

        “So be it mademoiselle, but I don’t lose” Jay grinned.

        “Just shut your cake hole and press start” Emily countered, as they picked their avatars. Emily had excellent hand-eye coordination from the various sports and gymnastics she was involved in so wasn’t overly worried about the screen. Instead she kept one eye trained on Jay’s hands. She wasn’t sure until the second lap when he passed her, but then she saw his thumbs flick way too fast for any normal human as his kart sailed
beautifully around her.

        She grinned as they were almost halfway around the last lap. “Looks like you’re gonna lose newbie.” Jay spat.

        “You know,” she said, “Being humble is a virtue I hear.”  his head snapped in her direction as panic filled his eyes for a second. That was all it took and Emily nailed him with a green shell as she passed him and crossed the finish line.

        As she pumped her hands in the air, she saw the look of fear filled hate on Jay’s face and had a funny feeling they were not going to be best buds.

Writing Prompt: As soon as she walked in, she felt the tension. – unknown

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