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Failed Lessons

Failed Lessons

“Today we celebrate the Total Independence Day!” the president said, “The day when we created the perfect society. We abolished lawyers, scientists, and teachers. All students are taught by machines, and our beautiful pillar cities are the envy of every nation  in the world!” The crowd cheered in unison in their camo and sequined clothes.

The president walked off the stage waving to his people. His white inbred people. He shuddered when he was out of sight. With a sigh he made his security escorted him to his private jet. His assistant made an official statement on his behalf about needing to travel abroad to help less fortunate countries build better governments.

As soon as they were airborne, the president threw up. “I can’t do this anymore he said staring in horror out the window. The entire country had been irradiated and destroyed, sealed off from the rest of the world. He made speeches about capitalism and progress, but the truth was money was useless to the rest of the world now. Only the remains of what he had been taught was the ‘greatest country in the world’ still used the stupid garbage.

He knew that he would most likely be the last president, the domes those various super powered companies had built were beginning to shut down. They  had detonated an entire city tower last month. They claimed it was another terrorist attack from a jealous country of differently colored people. He threw up again.

“Sir I know it’s hard but it’s for the best. We failed, and we burnt our bridges with the United Nations.” his assistant said shaking his head, “We were so violent and arrogant we ended up becoming the polarizing force that united the rest of the world into one unified organization. They walled us in, stripped us of power, water, and food. Left us to rot in the mess we had created.”

“I know” snapped the president, “I was the one who reached out, I was the one who said he would change things.” He said as tears began to roll down his cheeks, “I tried so hard to make them see but they just wouldn’t listen!”

His assistant nodded and handed him a handkerchief, “I know sir, but we couldn’t save them all. At least some will be free to live and learn after today.”

“I hope so.” The president said as he watched the mushroom clouds consume the last remnants of his country, and all the lessons they had failed to learn along with it. “I hope so.”

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