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Gate by the ocean

Gate by the ocean

    “Are you sure this is the place?” Francine said as they stared down at the gate.

    “That’s what the map says” Arnold replied checking the map. “I mean you said you wanted to find real magic right?”

    “I did but I have trouble believing the world’s most powerful magician would be so obvious as to leave a fence like that right out in the open.”  she scowled as they climbed down the cliffs towards the fence sitting in the surf.

    “Well it did take us three days to hike here and that was only possible because of the map and the fact that you were intimately knowledgeable on fortune cookies.” he countered. She helped him down onto the sand and they made their way over to the large gate that shone with a faint pearlescence.

    “What does the map say now?” she grabbed the paper from his hands and read over the notes next to the small drawing of a pair of crossed wands. “Wait? Seriously?”

    “What did it say?” Arnold asked as he examined the lock on the gate.

    “It says we need to prove our passion” she scoffed.

    “I see,” he said looking at her enthusiastically, “so are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

    With a sly smile she began undoing her back pack and let is fall forgotten to the ground. Then helped Arnold remove his.In minutes they were ready hiding behind a nearby boulder panting from the excitement. “Are you ready?” she asked.

    “Nervous but excited, I’ve never done it like this before.” He said sheepishly.

    “Me either, that’s what makes it fun.” she winked. “Now on the count of three push it in okay?” he nodded. She breathed in deeply and counted, “One… Two…. Three!” she yelled the last number. Arnold pushed the plunger down and the gate was blown clean off its hinges.

    “Wow” he gasped looking over the boulder with her at the smoking remains of the gate. “I’m amazed that actually worked. I thought the magic would protect it more.”

    “Me too” admitted Francine.

   “What the hell is wrong with you two?” a voice yelled from the smoking hole where the gate once was. “Seriously, you two actually manage to find my house and the most logical thing you can think to do is to blow up my gate!”

    Arnold and Francine stared at the woman, then with a glance at each other they just shrugged and nodded.

    The woman put her head in her hand and rubbed her eyes. “Whatever, just come inside so I can fix the gate you lunatics!” she turned and headed inside. Francine and Arnold grabbed their bags and ran after her. The border of the fence, that from the outside was flooded by the surf of the ocean, failed to so much as drip over the boundary as they entered. Inside was a ridiculously tall manor that stretched at least seven stories high, hidden and safe within the confines of the gate as a bubble shimmered around them.

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