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The Breach

The Breach

2nd May 2048
BBC International reporting

Authorities are at the scene in Geneva, Switzerland where the brand new Future Circular Collider where some sort of breach has just opened. As of this moment there isn’t much information, press and the public are being kept at a safe distance. From what we can see the breach is about ten meters in diameter. We are unsure if the brilliant light is dangerous but so far there have been no negative side effects. 

The public relations representative from CERN has said they will be sending a probe through shortly. It has a complete sensor package and will be able to show us what kind of environment is on the other side of the anomaly. They are sending the probe through now and… did you see that? 

Ladies and gentlemen we are just checking over the footage of the probe entering the  breach. Many of us thought we saw something as the it passed through. 

There! What is it? It looks like an aerial shot of an island? But the water? It looks more like some kind of wavy circuit board? It could be….

What? The breach is gone? It just… It just vanished. The probe is gone! What was that? 

Ladies and gentlemen I’m not sure what just happened, the breach that formed on the initial test of the FCC and froze the facilities servers has just disappeared. We will have to wait until the facility is brought online again to find out if this was a one time occurrence or something more. Until then I’m sure the information gathered today will occupy the time of scientists from around the world.

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