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Zombie Butterflies

    “What the heck were you thinking?” their mom yelled, “Where did you even find that?”

    Zed and Ola looked at one another then back at their mother, and in unison said “We got it from Daddy’s trunk.”

    “Why were you in there? You know you shouldn’t be playing in there.” mom sighed. “What is this thing anyway?” she held up the watch. Seven of the hands jumped randomly around the face. The other three hands remained motionless but changed colours on a whim.

    “All we know is that it saved Mr. Crawly” Ola said with a shrug.

    “Though he lost all of his colours.” Zed added holding up a jar with a white butterfly fluttering around.

    “It looks like a moth now?” mom said.

    “We think the watch did it” Ola added cheerfully

    Mom just sighed and put the watch back in it’s box. “I don’t know what this thing is but you two are not to come near it. You’ve caused enough chaos in the five minutes I left you alone already. Now go and take that zombie butterfly outside. Last thing I need is for it to start eating all the socks and bringing those to life.”

    The kids nodded in agreement and ran off to free Mr. Crawly into the garden. Where it was quickly eaten by a cat. But as legend goes, that cat’s poop still crawls onto doorsteps in the dead of night.

True story?

Writing prompts:

Chaos, Moth, Watch

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