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He hadn’t seen anything like it in twenty years of teaching. His students were all huddled behind him as he held the robotic dogs back with a pair of meter long rulers. “Stay back kids, they’re here for your homework!” He smacked one of the dogs on the snout with the ruler. An electric bolt shot from its head as it yelped and scampered back.

“Mr. Lancaster, are we going to die?” Zack asked.

“Not if we stay out of their way, ergh!” he grunted as he swung both rulers down hard on head of a particularly stubborn robodog as it inched towards the children.

“Why is this happening?” Theresa asked.

“No idea,” Mr. Lancaster said, “But I suspect they’re from the technology institute a few blocks away.” One of the dogs lunged at his throat but Victoria threw a stuffed cat in its way cushioning the blow but still winding the teacher.

Two of the larger boys each grabbed a ruler and began doing their best to hold off the raging robots while they waited for Mr. Lancaster to catch his breath.

   “What do we do Mr. Lancaster?” Bobby said shaking his teacher’s arm.

   “Jimmy” Mr. Lancaster rasped, “Fire…Alarm…”

   Jimmy raised an eyebrow then grinned mischievously from the time out chair at the back of the group. He stood up and grabbed a skipping rope and an eraser from the chalkboard. He charged one of the dogs, threw the eraser at its cameras, then jumped on its back using the skipping rope to lasso its jaws. Riding the bucking dog across the room, Jimmy dove for fire alarm pulling it down. Immediately the sprinklers sprayed to life as the sirens blared throughout the school.

   The dogs began to short out violently before, collapsing and twitching on the ground. The students cheered as Mr. Lancaster got slowly to his feet. He and his students watched as Jimmy the troublemaker walked over to the dog next to his desk and pried a paper out of its teeth. He showed it to his teacher and said, “You might want to remember this the next time one of us says a dog ate our homework.”  Mr. Lancaster looked down at what was a surprisingly shredded copy of the homework he’d assigned, completed to boot. The room grew tense as everyone waited for his response. He crumpled the paper and began to laugh, slowly joined by all his students.

Writing Prompt

Use the first sentence

“He hadn’t seen anything like it in twenty years of teaching”

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