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Attack of the of the killer alpaca

Attack of the of the killer alpacas

“Run Tommy Run!” his siblings yelled as Tommy dove over the hood of a vandalized dodge. “Watch out! It’s right behind you!” Tommy ducked and rolled forward narrowly missing the gnashing teeth of the blood red alpaca chasing him.

    He came up with facing the alpaca and in one smooth motion pulled back a pine-cone he had grabbed and fired it into the foaming mouth of the beast. Then turned and quickly made his way up the tree-house ladder.

    He and his friends had successfully connected most of the neighbourhood using walkways or zip lines. Most houses had tents set up on their roofs and of the total of over fifty people living in the makeshift community only three were adults. They had been a couple moms, and the retired Mr. Henderson, who had successfully escaped onto their roofs during the hectic first attack.

    Below another red alpaca came charging over with a dress on, one bra cup stuck on its head as it ran headfirst into a signpost. “Ouch!” Tommy winced, “Jen, tell your brother we found his mom but she’s an alpaca too now.” The alpacas were biting and spitting on their victims who would instantly be turned into large red alpacas of doom. Unfortunately due to the speed of the change most of them were still wearing pieces of clothing they had been wearing when they had either accidentally ingested the torrent of spit, or had been bit.

    “Hey Will, I can see your mom’s bra!” Doug yelled before Will and his little sister Jen both turned and punched him.

    “Hey knock it off!” Tommy yelled, “Save it for the enemy!”

    Tommy marched across the tree-house then slung a bent bar over the zip line and flew across the street as alpacas snapped at his feet below. He landed on the roof where a greenhouse had been modified into a makeshift laboratory. Inside a pair of goggled twins looked up at him, “Daisy, Lily, I have It.” he pulled off his backpack and tossed a brown paper bag to them.

    “All of it?” Lily asked as she caught the bag and opened it to find the most human ingredient of all, toothpaste.

    “Everything I could find, do you think one of them will work?” Tommy asked examining the elaborate array of chemical tubing lining the ceiling.

    Daisy squeezed out exactly ten millilitres into the flask of green goo, then stirred it. “This will either revert the adults back to humans or…”

    “It will turn them into kangaroos with British accents.” Lily concluded as she poured the substance into the canister of a super soaker the handed the loaded weapon to Tommy, then they went on to make more.

    “Well” Tommy said as he pumped up the weapon against alpacafication, “only one way to find out.”

    He walked to the edge of the roof, raised a hand in the air then dropped it. A charging alpaca was caught and lifted into the air and dangled a few meters away. Tommy took aim and fired. The alpaca screeched as the solution soaked in, within seconds it had shrunk into the form of a woman in a stretched dress with a bra cup still on her head. “Will, Jen!” Tommy yelled, “Your mom is back, I think she probably won’t ground you since we saved her!”

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