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Welcome to the Digital

Welcome to the Digital


            Chase woke up to dark surroundings, “Where am I he asked” seeing his words float in the air in front of him. “Why can I see what I’m saying?”


            “You’re in the Digital” a friendly sounding voice said. “Our connection to you is still developing, right now we are mostly insubstantial in that we don’t have defined forms…Yet”


            “What are you?” Chase asked staring at the words dreading an answer, yet curiosity demanding one in his mind.


            “We are nothing yet.” the voice chirped as its responses floated below his. “What do you think we should be?”


            “I don’t know,” he admitted, “maybe like some kind of animal or something?”


            “How do we do that in this world?” the voice inquired, a certain level of sadness in its tone.


            “I guess if this were a computer, you would need digital bodies.” Chase said while thinking what a strange dream this was. Hoping this was a dream.


            “I see, where can we get these digital bodies?”


            “Well I guess you would need some graphics processors and design software.” he added thoughtfully. “But if you’re making them from scratch you would need the kind of software, they have at a gaming studio or something.”


            “We understand…” the voice said, “please wait while we acquire this.”


            “Wait? No! Don’t leave me here!” his words hung ominously in the air, nothing but silent darkness filling the void around him. Chase had no idea how long he had been waiting, time seemed to drag on forever in here and it could have been a few minutes or it could have been years.


            “We have returned, please wait while we run the new program” the voice said suddenly.


            “Program what are you….Aarrghh!” Chase screamed as the world around him was replaced with… well a world. “Where? Where am I?” chase said rubbing his eyes.


            “You’re in the Digital, like we told you.” it was the same voice as before but this time it came out of the mouth of a three-foot-tall yellow rabbit in a purple suit. “We have just managed to use the new servers we copied to build this world. We already have a basic understanding of your world now and have decided to expand our resources to interact with you accordingly.”

            “Copied? Server? What?” Chase shook his head in disbelief. “So, let me get this straight, you went and copied a gaming studio’s server?”


            “Yes, we did, we used several of the examples we found there to build a world for us to exist in.” the rabbit smiled, “My name is Sprinkles I gained consciousness during the awakening of this world.”


            “So, what happened to the we?” Chase said as the wheels of his mind spun like tires in a snowy ditch.


“We all split apart into our individual personalities as soon as we developed this world.” Sprinkles said straightening her suit with a smile.


“Ok so if you all took individual forms why are you here?” he sat on a nearby boulder and rubbed his eyes in his hands.


“We all wanted to thank you for your assistance, the errors on your server gave us a small opportunity but unlike your predecessors you took a chance and allowed us access to your system. I was selected to act as your guide while you’re in this world.” she hopped over to Chase standing about a foot away wagging her fluffy tail.


“Well, I think I’m ready to go home now, can you make that happen?” Chase said dejectedly looking at the rendered landscape around him.


“I guess?” Sprinkles said, “Can I come?”





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