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The Trek


The Trek


          The crisp morning air blew in over the mountains. They knew they would have to start moving again soon, but just for now they wanted to enjoy the open air for a bit. Green trees were illuminated on the hillside as the sun crested the horizon. No longer the red and orange glow that lit up, the altered sun had changed to a dark blue that radiated down malevolently. They knew they couldn’t stay at their camp by the beach for much longer. No one spoke as they packed, they didn’t have to; everyone knew the drill at this point and was ready to move at a moments notice.


       Even still, they did their best to take a few moments to rest after breakfast and packing to just sit around and relax. So many others had already given up and disappeared on the surface. The few who had returned told stories of how the journey had made their partners go mad. This group hadn’t wanted to go, but none of them complained. They knew what needed to be done. So instead they did their best to take it easy and keep their spirits up.


       They joked and relaxed for over an hour while the frost slowly evaporated from the grass.The fire crackled as they checked the map again, finished their drinks, and begrudgingly started moving. This time they needed to make it, they needed to fix the sun for the sake of everyone. They made their up the trail, single file to hide their numbers from things that still stalked the forests. There was a sign next to the trail read, ‘Turn back or risk the sun’. It was made all the more ominous by various articles of torn clothing survivors had left next to the sign which reached several feet high…

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