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Shopping Spree

Shopping Spree


“Um can I help you miss?” the associate said as he cautiously approached the women staring at leaf blowers. This wouldn’t have been all that strange except she was wearing a neon blue lab coat and goggles.


She turned and looked the man up and down quickly, “Thanks but I don’t think you’ll be of much use, but you can always go sit in the corner and play with this bouncy ball.” she handed him a ball from her pocket and went back to examining the leaf blowers.


The associate turned and trudged away, “Crazy bitch!” he mumbled then tossed the ball down. As soon as it hit the ground it expanded into a large ball of light enveloping the unwitting jerk. “What the?… No! Aahhh!” he yelled as it shrunk again taking everything in its range with it.


The woman took a moment to admire small rubber ball lying in the concave ditch left in the concrete where the associate had been. “Now do I really need the one with fifteen speeds? I mean it seems like overkill.” She pondered for a moment, then shrugged and grabbed both models, throwing them in a cart and heading for the door.


A stuffy looking manager stepped in her way and said, “I’m sorry miss but I can’t let you leave without paying for these.”


Without so much as a facial twitch, she whipped out a ray gun a fired it at the man. “Good luck with that, let me know how it works out.”


‘Now see here…What? Why is my voice so squeaky?” The manager said as he started to float away. “No what’s happening, Help. HELP!” he screamed as he slowly inflated and headed for the ceiling.


As she left the store, Master Calamity laughed maniacally with a collection of new toys, her shopping spree only beginning.


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