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“So you’re saying we’re all machines?” Doctor Volante asked staring at her patient. He had been admitted to hospital last night after he complained of chest pain and his skin turned a deep shade of green. He was currently standing in front of a mirror doing up his bow-tie, his suit had seen better days and his pants were far too small for his new frame.


“No what I’m saying is that machines mimic us in the crudest form. We are far superior yet limited by our own operating system. I just happened to find a way to override a few of the minor background processes.” He said grinning his white teeth behind emerald lips.


“Minor!” the Doctor yelled, “You completely remodeled you biology and you call that minor Trey?”


Trey shrugged, “Well, I’ll admit that things kind of snowballed, I was only trying to change my skin colour but it seems that things are linked genetically and activating certain strings cascades others as well. But it did work.” he said gesturing at his complexion.


“Yeah, you also dangerously increased your metabolism, your lungs split into secondary pairs and you grew an extra heart.” She said listing the results from his recent scans and test.


“Three hearts actually, there should be one just behind the stomach.” he said nonchalantly. “Besides it was just a first attempt.”


“You could have killed yourself and we still don’t know what you did!” she protested.


“I told you,” he shrugged on his suit jacket “Our minds are more powerful than you give credit for. Yes it took a lot of trial and error but I’ve finally proved that manifestation is possible.”


“But if you’re right, then every human has the ability to change not only themselves but the world around them at will.” she scoffed. “Which is just lunacy, it must have had some sort of chemical trigger or something.”


“Pffft, I wish” Trey laughed, “if it were that simple I would have managed this when I was still in elementary school not in my early forties.” he sat down on the hospital bed and used the nearby stool to lace up his dress shoes. “But you are right in one respect, the amount of change possible is variable. It’s based off of the maximum potential any one individual can manipulate in any given instance. Think of it like magical pools of nonexistent energy if you want.”


“Now you’re talking magic?” she groaned, “You really are crazy.”


“No I’m talking potential change manipulation within any defined system but since it would take me a decade to prove any of that let’s just stick with magic for now. Smaller words and all that.” He smiled mischievously.


“Don’t call me dumb!” she snapped, “I’m a freaking doctor for crying out loud. You’re just some drop out bum!”


“Hmm hit a nerve I see,” he said rubbing his chin, “I meant no offence and I’m sure you know far more about medicine then I will ever care to.” She went to smile smugly but he interrupted her with a raised finger. “However, I have mastered nothing, and by doing so have insight into almost everything.”


“That makes no sense.” she said crossing her arms.


“See, while you spent years learning to heal people, I spent decades learning about the universe as a whole. A past time most would consider foolish given how society is structured. All the same it was from that pointless research that I began to find pieces of connecting data that was applicable across a multitude of disciplines. So although I’ll never be a doctor for instance, I do possess a basic understanding of it to be useful in day to day life.”


“Sounds like a waste of time still” she sighed, “So what are you getting at?”


“I’m trying to explain that dedicated study, although useful, can be detrimental to other aspects of your life. Not that you’ll see it that way. The reason people are angry so much of the time is rather than accept their own faults and move on with life, they double down on the value of what they do know, no matter how circumstantial that information may be.” he said with a warm smile. “For example, you are a doctor, and an incredible one at that. But if I were to ask you what you had for dinner last night I’d wager it was something ordered in? If I asked how often you should change the oil in your vehicle you would either have to look it up or call your mechanic. That or admit you don’t know, but that almost never happens, and when it does you’ll follow up with the old Bones excuse, ‘I’m a doctor not an insert profession‘ “


“K I get what you’re saying,” she admitted reluctantly, “It’s like Einstein’s quote about fish climbing trees, but what does that have to do with all this.” Doctor Volante gestured at his radical new appearance.


With a wicked grin he said, “Because Doctor, I’ve just figured out how to teach a goldfish to climb a tree.”


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