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Gambling on training

Gambling on training


They ran as fast as they could, knocking over a wheelbarrow to slow down their pursuers. They still didn’t understand why those crooks were so mad, everyday they cheated people out of their money. This time however the two girls had been prepared and cheated the crooks at their own game.


Together they had practiced everyday, knowing that fake dice would never work. Instead they had mastered their throwing techniques, being able to pick their rolls based on feel alone. It had taken them almost a year in their free time, everyday they would slave at the factories until late afternoon. Then they would watch the crooks swindle tourists and the rich for a few hours. They learned all the tricks and scams by heart and then, after a quick supper, they would practice. They knew they couldn’t challenge those bastards without being perfect.


Day in, day out, they rolled the dice until the shear randomness of the act gave way to familiarity. Feeling the corners and numbers on the dice and knowing what was going to roll based on that alone. It had taken them about three months to get the hang of it, and another nine months to be able to perform it with any set of dice. 


They had waited until the pot had reached into the thousands that afternoon and challenged them. On the first try they won the small incentive of course and having saved much of their money from work, they bet against the pot. The crooks laughed but agreed, and were shocked when the loaded dice they had given the girls rolled the wrong number. With so many people around they didn’t make a fuss about it, especially since it meant they would be admitting to cheating. Instead they just walked away and waited. When the girls headed for the edge of town the crooks were waiting. 


The girls were ready and they ran as soon as they saw them. Jumping over a fence they ran up a winding country road past farms and towards the forest. While the crooks were angry, they also spent most of their day sitting around. The girls on the other hand were lean and fit from hard work and perseverance. They paced themselves and although the crooks gained initially they were quickly winded while the girls escaped to a better life with stolen money from those who stole it.


Writing prompt: perseverance, wheelbarrow, dice

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