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Lament of a Hero

Lament of a Hero


“I’m writing this because I don’t know who else to turn to, no one knows my secret and I can’t take it anymore. This probably sounds confusing because you won’t recognize the person writing this, so let me start from a more common ground…


When I was twenty years old, there was an accident, I won’t go into details because you can figure that out for yourself. What the public doesn’t know is that after the accident I was changed, I could move faster, I was stronger and even think faster. I’m sure you’re beginning to understand my true identity and why I’m writing you of all people now. I became the greatest hero this world has ever seen, or so they keep telling me. 


Sure, I’ve stopped wars, natural disasters, mad scientists,  and super villains, but I wasn’t ready for this, I never thought it was even possible. They told me I had done good work that everything I had done was for the greater good. How could I have been so blind? Why didn’t I see it when it was so obvious? Maybe I’m too used to looking for a different calibre of evil that I never expected it from those people. I know they’re not really responsible but they just sat and watched. Worse yet, some of them even cheered without understanding what they were cheering for. I tried to explain it, I tried to help them see what they were doing but they let him go and then they died. I wanted to stop him, like I’ve stopped him before but they wouldn’t let me? Why would they trust that monster over me? Has the world truly gone mad?


Slowly but surely more and more people didn’t want my help, they would rather die at his hand than let me help them. It’s not everyone of course but the ones that aren’t cheering are terrified and there are just so many. I tried to explain that they could help me stop him, they could convince the others to fight back together. Then as I stood there, beaten and bruised in my tattered suit they had the nerve to ask, “Why can’t you do it?” I laughed and coughed up blood as they asked such a stupid question, but then I realized that it wasn’t that they couldn’t help or fight back. Instead it was much more sobering, they didn’t want to. The world has become a place filled with people who would rather cower in fear than take a single step out of the darkness. So in my anger and pain I did something you had tried to muse me into for years, I took matters into my own hands. 


I ran as fast as I could, faster than I ever have, so fast that the military surveillance couldn’t keep up. I ran up his driveway past the traps and guards, I tore his armored doors off their metal hinges as if they were tissue paper. For once I had no intention of holding back, I grabbed him mid laugh from his study as a beaten servant cried on the floor in front of him. Seconds later, we were at the place I would construct his prison, I moulded the materials of nature and physics themselves to create a vault that would never open and that he would never leave. He can’t die and he bragged about it every time he had me captive. I took that into consideration when I built his cage, he would live forever staring at those six blank surfaces, I trapped the man inside with the monster and I didn’t care who survived.


The press doesn’t know what happened yet, but it’s only a matter of time before they suspect me. I thought things would fix themselves but they didn’t, crime went through the roof, without his fear people and monsters alike came clawing for his throne. The world I tried to save is gone and it’s my fault… It’s all my fault…


I can’t take it anymore but like I said no one else knows, you know both versions of me. We were friends as mortals and adversaries as gods. We used to tell each other everything until you told me you hated my alter ego. How could I show you that I was just doing what I thought were best? When you went mad with hatred and started trying to unmask and kill me, I was crushed because I thought I had lost my best friend. That’s why I’m sending you this letter, I can’t do this anymore and you were right. If you feel how I feel meet me where we had our first date at midnight, please be that one person without any masks to take a step out of the darkness. 


Hope to see you soon,

A Hero”


  • News day after letter ‘our fair city has lost a hero as their suit was found tattered and washed up on the shores this morning….’
  • News a week later ‘local super villain signs into mental institution for rehabilitation after being reunited with former friend.’

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