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Your Right to Like

Your Right to Like


“But I was just playing Mario Brothers!” the woman said, she was wearing a Zelda t-shirt and Pokemon shorts. She was in her late thirties and had messy hair.


“We’re sorry ma’am but that is not conducive to the behavior of an adult woman.” one of the officers said as they put handcuffs on her.


“There’s more in here!” yelled the other officer. “A whole bookshelf of comics and cartoons.”


“Ma’am, we’re going to need to know where you purchased these things?” asked the first officer.


Shock filled her eyes as she stammered, “I…um…Well you see…ah… most of that I got when I was a kid.”


“And why did you not surrender them to the proper authorities when they were banned in 2025?” the officer asked.


“I don’t know, I just really like them that’s all.” she defended meekly.


“What do you do for work ma’am?” the officer said as he sat her in a chair and took out a tablet to write on.


“I work as an accountant from home.” she said. “Today is my day off I was just relaxing.”


“Ma’am do you really think this behaviour is appropriate for a woman your age?” the second officer said as he brought out a pile of spider-man comics.


“What behaviour? So I enjoy the things of my youth is that a crime?” she spat.


“Actually it is ma’am, as of 2025, all childish or overly imaginative material is banned for anyone over the age of twenty-one” the second officer quoted as if this was a routine question.


“Well who voted for that? I sure didn’t?” she said again.


“It was on Prop 5202 which dealt mostly with whether vehicles should still have a driving function for users.” the first cop said.


“I voted against that proposition?” she said softly to herself.


“True but it still passed thanks to the baby boomer, gen x, and gen z votes, the first two believed such things were too childish, the last that your generation was co-opting their youth.” The second cop nodded.


“So what? I’m not allowed to like things because they feel that generational gaps should be conservatively respected?” she protested.


“Not for us to say but that sounds fairly accurate. Anyways, you’ll be processed, fined, and have your mind washed so you don’t remember any of this.” the first officer explained.


“No! You can’t! Please, I’m begging you!” she said struggling as the first cop dragged her out.


“Don’t struggle ma’am, it’s for the best. Your kind doesn’t have a right to like things outside of your generation. You should know that.” the second cop said as he followed staring down at her with pity.


Writing Prompt


Growing old’s like being increasingly penalized for a crime you haven’t committed.
—  Anthony Dymoke Powell

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