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“So Bonnie, why did you decide to become a pirate?” Iggy asked as she poked at the meager fire they had built on the beach. They could hear wild animals patrolling around in the forests further into the island. That and they were hoping a passing ship would see the fire and rescue them.


“I just got sick and tired of dumb bastards telling me I was wrong.” Bonnie said with a shrug.


“You mean because you’re a woman?” asked Jack, earning a swift punch to the side of the head from Iggy.


“Nah,” Bonnie said, “well maybe, but I never actually asked why. I usually just beat my opinion into them until the night I ended up getting recruited by Captain Scurvy.”


“I ended up on the ship after losing to Scurvy, that man plays a mean game of go fish.” Iggy said.


“You ended up on the ship after losing at go fish?” Jack asked.


Both women glared at him, “Well how did you end up on the ship Jack?” Bonnie shot back.


Jack immediately looked down in the fire which only made it easier to see his face turn red as he mumbled, “I… I applied for a part time job as the galley assistant and gopher on the ship.”


“Seriously?” Iggy asked, Jack nodded which was followed by several minutes of laughter.


Jack tried to defend himself by saying, “I thought it was for a cruise ship or something!” which only made them laugh louder. After they eventually calmed down he said, “So how are we going to do the sleeping arrangements until we get rescued?” Jack asked.


“You’re going to sleep on that side of the of the fire,” Iggy said pointing at the sand behind Jack. “And we’re going to sleep over here safe from things that go bump in the night.”


“Yeah,” Bonnie added, “You keep your bumps over there.”


“Fine what do we do now?” Jack asked.


Bonnie pulled out a deck of cards from… somewhere… and said, “Well we could play cards, loser hunts for food in the morning.”


Jack shrugged, and Iggy said “As long as it’s not go fish.” They played into the night, and in the morning, Jack found some berries for them to eat while they waited for Captain Scurvy to finally return with his keys.

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