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Run and Hide

Run and Hide

(Sequel to the story Remember)


“Stop! By the order of the Enlightened!” someone yelled as they fired at Miki. A sign clipped her shoulder sending her spinning, she redirected down a nearby alley running as fast as she could. She clutched a bundle of cloth to her chest as she ran.


“You’re going to be okay” she whispered into the clothes, “almost there.” She dove out of the alley way, narrowly missing three shots that flew over her head, as she rolled. People ignored her, as usual, and went about their days as if this whole chase was nothing more than an inconvenience.


Miki made it to the other side of the crowded street and into the even more crowded spaceport. “Ma’am, you can’t go this way…” a security guard tried to say but was cut off as she shoved an official looking badge in his face.


“Officer Ito, I need to get this child back to her mother before she leaves this rock. Or do you want me to arrest you for obstruction?” Miki yelled with authority shoving an ID card at the guard.


He scanned the ID quickly and as soon as it registered green he let her pass without checking further. She raced past and grinned as soon as she was out of sight. The ID was real only it had been tampered with so that her bio-metrics came up instead. It was a one shot trick because the system would do its mandatory secondary checks and notice the discrepancy. She tossed the ID as she ran, heading not for the boarding lines, but the loading bay.


Miki glanced over her shoulder to see a small army of enforcement officers stuck at security. She smirked in relief, but she wasn’t out of the fire yet. She ducked behind one of the trollies carrying food towards a ship about to leave. The ground crew was loading luggage and supplies while complaining about their work and mocking their boss.


Miki ran up towards the ramp, slapped a card loaded with credits into the hand of the nearest worker and yelled, “First four rounds on me, I was never here!”


“Who the hell was that?” asked one of the younger workers.


The one holding the card examined it in her hand and with a grin said “Who was who?” which was followed by a round of laughter from the rest of them.


Miki headed to the front of the cargo area and opened one of the secure bins for vegetables that was empty. It wasn’t very big but neither was she. Carefully she unwrapped the swaddle of cloth to reveal a puppy whimpering in terror at the new surroundings. It had a teal colored fur and amber colored eyes. When it saw her it immediately perked up and tried to lick her face. Miki set it on the floor and pet it gently, “Don’t worry, we’re ditching this rock so you don’t have to worry about anyone using you for food.”


The cargo door clanged shut and she could hear the engines gearing up for take off. She hadn’t had time to find out where she was headed but could it really be worse than here? The light above the loading door turned green as it sealed, and all sound was drowned out by the roar of the engines gearing up for clearing the atmosphere.

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