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I once knew this guy named Gary. He was a mid level manager at a hardware store. Everyday when he came drinking with us he would complain about being single. Then after a few drinks he would usually send dick pics to random female contacts on his phone, or slap some waitress on the ass while asking her if she wanted to wake up tomorrow with regrets. We always felt uncomfortable when he pulled this crap but we’d known him since we were kids so no one said anything.


So one day, we’re sitting at the bar as usual, talking about food, or cars, or something, and in comes Gary. He’s grinning like the fox who just raided the hen house as he sits down and slams his hand on the table. “Check it out wusses, which ever lucky lady stayed the night last night left me a Rolex!” He’s pulled crap like this before and we all just waved it off.


That was until Harry said “Holy crap guys, it’s real!” We all leaned in and began examining the watch. Gary took it off and passed it around so we could bask in its glory according to him.


“Hey it’s engraved.” I said.


“What’s it say Phil?” Joe asked.


“Must be the girl’s name. Looks like Gene.” I said squinting at the warn engraving.


“Give it here putts” Gary said as he grabbed the watch from me and put it back on. “Her name doesn’t matter, I’m  a lady killer guys. I wish I could see her again.” he mused elbowing me in the ribs.


We all rolled our eyes and went back to our beers as this knockout walked over and smiled down at Gary, “Hi Gary, remember me? I see you got my gift.”


“I sure did hot stuff, couldn’t stay away from all this could you?” he said, waving his arm over his body like an infomercial demonstrator. We all cringed expecting her to lob a fist into his smug face, since that’s what usually happened when he sunk to this level.


To our surprise she simply smiled and waved three other girls over, “Sure couldn’t, in fact I brought some friends over. Too bad we won’t fit in that trailer of yours, bet you wish you could join us at the hotel suite huh?” she winked and an icy shiver ran down my spine. I don’t know why but I was getting a bad feeling from these girls.


“I sure do!” Gary nodded enthusiastically, clearly not experiencing the same apprehension I felt and saw reflected on our friend’s faces.


One of the other girls said, “Aww, he’s adorable, I wish we could just eat him up?”


Gary stood and puffed out his chest, “Oh I wish that too babe!” and he slapped her on the ass.


“Well it’s settled then!” Gene said, “Let’s take this big hunk of meat back to hotel girls” she cooed.


“Gary something if messed up about all this!” Joe said.


“Yeah man, I have a bad feeling about those chicks?” Harry added.


“Well lucky for me, they didn’t invite your flaccid asses, so piss off!” Gary snorted as he was lead out of the bar by the women.


I shuddered and as bad as it sounds, I was relieved to see them all leave, even with the thought that Gary may have bitten off more than he can chew. Still it was Gary, I’m sure he’ll be fine.


The next day they found Gary’s skeleton lying on the bed in the hotel room, completely clean of all flesh. Blood stained the bed sheets below it. On his wrist was the gold Rolex and the police report clearly said the engraving on the back read ‘Genie’.

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