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“Breaking news, another criminal has turned themselves into the police today” the newscaster said as she read from the prompter. “Just like the other seven earlier this week he was screaming about boogeymen punishing criminals.”


A clip began to play of a twenty-something man in a black hoodie scrambled desperately up the steps of the police station; nearly bowling over the news crews that had assembled to take his statement. He was screaming, “Open the door! Let me in! I don’t want to die!” his hands were cuffed behind his back as he tried to use his feet to open the large glass doors to the police station.


The feed returned the newscaster who had a new coat of hastily applied lipstick partially smeared on her dark cheek. “Several individuals have been confessing after seeing something terrifying hiding in the dark and killing off this city’s criminal element. Currently the death toll has reached well over a dozen people. The following is a clip from a police interrogation in which one man was asked to describe what the assailant looked like.”


An older man with a haggard complexion was yelling at the camera, “Its coming! That thing is coming!”


“What’s coming?” an unseen officer asked, “Who is doing these things?”


“It’s the boogeymen!” the man screamed, “Like an evil smiling clown elf or something!”


“Okay? But why is it targeting criminals?” the officer said calmly.


“Don’t you get it?” the man said in frustration, “If you’re bad the boogeymen will come for you. Didn’t your parents ever tell you the stories? Please! I’m sorry! Put me in jail, I don’t want to die! Please don’t let them get me!”


The newscaster was sweating nervously when the feed returned, “Umm…. Sorry, that… that was the former CEO of Barker Alcohol Incorporated, a once prominent member of society has provided overwhelming evidence regarding several illegal business practices he covered up. It is also rumored that he was one of the heads of the criminal organization known as the Four Towers though those records have yet to be released to the public.”


“In related news, four more bodies have shown up this morning, desiccated and with faces painted like the others. Police have determined that the symbols carved into various areas of the body are identifiers relating to the victims’ crimes. All of the bodies were found in their basements, attics, closets, or under their beds and showed multiple signs of struggle. We’ll let you know more as…” had it not been for all the makeup the cameraman would have noticed that she had gone very pale. Her gaze slowly dropped down to look under her desk. She looked up at the camera man as she said, “It’s got my ankle!”


She looked down again and nodded quickly before she stood up and ran off the set. Her co-host came on, looked under the desk and shrugged. “The stress of this job can really get to you, must of been too much for a woman.” he said looking at the camera with a smarmy grin. He took her place and said, “Like I say the news is a man’s job and no place for….” the feed cut out with a technical difficulties screen for about twenty seconds. When the feed returned, a desiccated corpse sat where the schmuck of a man had been only seconds before. Makeup white, and skin marked like the others, from a shadow at the edge of the screen you could almost make out a pair of eyes, staring malevolently at the camera as a sharp grin stretched beneath them before both vanished into thin air.

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