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More than a ship

More than a ship


Inquiry: Argent Owl


Class: Light Transport

Model: OW7300-C (discontinued)

Manufacturer: Xerx & Argent Industries

Manufacturing Date, 14.9B30199,792,22,42

Length: 54m

Width: 33m

Height: 15m

Speed: Unknown (15C at time of manufacturing)

Defenses: Unknown (None at manufacturing)

Shields: Unknown (Mag 455 Deluxe installed at manufacturing)

Bought by: Vance Lumiens

Owner: Zep Viridian (Prior to incarceration)


The Argent Owl is a heavily modified light transport made by X&A Industries. It was bought by a one Vance Lumiens where it was reportedly used as his ship for over ten years as he carried out his duties as a Guardian. During that period several modifications were made, not all of which were documented. We do know that the second emergency craft was removed and replaced with a custom designed engine. The primary emergency craft was also replaced but with another craft, possibly a fighter.


Although there have been no reports of weapons on the ship, it is highly unlikely that it does not have any. Most Guardian crafts have been heavily modified for both defence and offence. It has also been reported that the interior has been completely redesigned. Receipts hint that it may have been given a medical bay, a brig, and at least two simulators for the crew to use.


Keep in mind that this information is all based on assumption and cannot be verified without the notorious ship itself. Unfortunately, upon his arrest, Zep Viridian triggered a failsafe measure on the ship and its location is currently unknown, including to Zep Viridian himself despite months of interrogation.


The ship has become popular in local lore, especially to bounty hunters, who have been searching for it for generations. Various reasons are given including acquiring the mystery engine that replaced the second emergency craft that gave it for it’s fearsome reputation for speed and maneuverability. Others claim that in its cargo is several guardian artifacts, including one of the master charts detailing a real-time depiction of everything on the chart. Only one chart has ever been recovered and due to its condition it is unable to display the locations of the others.


Whether it is a treasure trove or merely a legendary ship, it is doubtful the Argent Owl will be forgotten anytime soon.

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