A Beginner’s Guide to Modern Magic

“Zoe Foranger is the Pride of Research and Developent department for the IMA. A magical scientist like no other, a treasure of the…”

“Um, Zoey, this is supposed to be a summary of what your book is about you know?”

“Yeah, that’s exactly what I’m doing giving your readers what they want! Awesome Zoey-ness!”

“No I get that but you don’t actually work for the the IMA? Weren’t you brought up on disciplinary charges?”

“Pffft, sure if you want to be technical about it, I on the other hand want to bring them in on my hopes and dreams. Tp show them my boundless determination throughout the epic that is my story.”

“Ok I see you rolling your eyes there, how would you describe the story then?”

“Ahem… Zoey Foranger, a fouth wall breaking, quick-witted, and ingenious rogue scientist travels the world with her pet bat Stoker studying the relationships between magic and technology. That is until she is summoned to her old almamater under accusations of fraud. Will her adventures end with imprisonment or is this just the beginning of something greater.”

“Hmmm… That’s not bad but you didn’t talk about how my wiles drive men and women alike mad. Or how I tamed a dozen dragons in my youth, and what about how my brilliant mind has changed the face of how technology and magic will be viewed for generations to come!”

“Well firstly because none of those things are technically true and why not just let them read the upcoming novel to find out?”

“Fine, if you want to be stuffy about it. Alright people you heard the wet-blanket, I mean author, stay tuned for more madness with me Zoey Foranger, Supreme Scientific Overload of All!”

*sigh* “Sure close enough.”

Status: In Progress

Release Date: TBD