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Who is this?

This is J.S. Figment, which is the pen name of James Sannes, me! I’m an aspiring Canadian author specializing in science and comedic fiction. Although I have puplished a few short stories, my major works are still in progress.

This blog is the collection of various other short stories, teasers, and writting exercises I’ve created as I develop my writting skills and own uniqe style. As well it will provide you with all the information and update regarding the current status of my various projects.

As a full-time IT technician, and part-time unpaid mad scientist I have limited time to work on my written projects. Still it is my hope to create a career of writting stories for people to enjoy. In the meantime this will remain my happy escape into the various worlds that constantly tickle my imagination and hope you enjoy the brief glimpse into my madness!


J.S. Figment (James)