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Site Temporarily on hold

Unfortunately I haven’t had much time to write lately and have been focusing on developing my career options. I will pick up writing here again but it may be a few months until things stabilize enough for me to get back here. Thank you… Continue Reading “Site Temporarily on hold”

Automation and moving

So to anyone who actually reads this, I’m going to be a little delayed replying and even posting since I need to pack up and move in the next month (long story…. and not a fun one like the rest on this site). I’ll… Continue Reading “Automation and moving”

Why I’ve been busy

Sorry for being gone recently

You paint with oil I’ll paint with words.

Another day, another source for inspiration

Love your tongue!

How does your tongue wag?

Number 8 makes me cry the most

Do you write and cry when you edit?

A mad writer or a mad scientist?

Update and a bit of history on J. S. Figment

So is the title printed or tattooed?

Just so weird

Lit, bae, and other things people say?

For those of us who own a dictionary and still have no idea what people are saying

Biggest book ever printed

Ever wonder what the biggest book ever printed was?

When a writer goes Mad!

Let’s break it down a bit here


Anyone else have this fear?