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Weird Word of the week #1


Who wrote the first novel?

Now you know!

It’s always good to have a plan B

Stan Lee approved? woot!

Mother’s Day Repost!

Reposting from last year as none of this would exist without the support of my family. Especially mom.

hmm I thought it would have been a different word, starting with “f” lol


When faced with your future what would you do?

Chaos or order?

Do you lean towards order or chaos?


Angel gets punished by being sent to the worst place imaginable… Earth

The longest word in the English language

The English word antidisestablishmentarianism(UK: /ˌæntidɪsɪstæblɪʃmənˈtɛəriənɪzəm/ ( listen), US: /ˌæntaɪˌdɪsɛ-/ ( listen)) is notable for its unusual length of 28 letters and 12 syllables, and is one of the longest words in the English language.[1] It has been cited as the longest word in the…

Update of J. S. Figment and his madness

Just an update on the monkey behind the madness


Sometimes a hug can save your life

Well… Who knew

Given the time period I glad it’s not something else decaying in those pages.