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Touch of genius

How would you save the planet?


Strange things occur when the universe thinks no one is looking.


What if you’re being stalked? do you run? confront them?

What if they aren’t stalking you for the reasons you suspect?

For Honour

Ever wonder what Heroes would be like in school? Hint: just like everyone else….mostly

A Good Book

What is the most dangerous and valuable weapon? Or is it just a tool? It depends on who’s using it.

Perfect world

Attempt at poetry, I hope you enjoy

The Tiniest Hero

Voice and Vision 2018, Published story 2, The Tinniest Hero

The Red Lady

Voice and Vision 2018 Published story 1, The Red Lady


Sometimes we’re crazy, other times maybe we’re not.

Unwanted Power

Another prequel story for the Weird Heroes series.

When Grim Reapers Laugh

If life, the universe, and god all have a sense of humor, what about death?


FOR SALE – Vinnie the platypus