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More than a ship

More mythology for the Remember series


What if one day, things began going after the real monsters in our world?

Before a Guardian

Prequel to Remember


Some people will cling to their delusions even while they burn.

Monotonous Fire

Ever had one of those days at the office? Where your boss is being even more useless than usual?

Life can be a real beach

What’s worse than being stranded on a desert island? How about a haunted desert island.


Always be careful what you wish for. Especially if you’re an arrogant asshole.

No Service

Ever have that one friend who drags you into weird situations?

Protected: Teddy Europa

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Run and Hide

Run and Hide, a sequel to the story “Remember” (

Meet a new character and tell me if you want to hear more how their stories connect.


What is the most pointless reason for being stranded on a dessert island? find out and comment with your own pointless reasons

Your Right to Like

What would happen if your right to enjoy life was co-opted by others?