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More than a ship

More mythology for the Remember series

Before a Guardian

Prequel to Remember

Protected: Teddy Europa

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Run and Hide

Run and Hide, a sequel to the story “Remember” (

Meet a new character and tell me if you want to hear more how their stories connect.

Digital for Tacos

Some days Chase really wished he’d never woken up.

Welcome to the Digital

Chase’s routine job just got even weirder.

Rise of the Digital

A programmer named chase takes on a job that tests his very grasp of reality.

The Damned Shop V – Vampires and Aliens

Want to get a step closer to finding out who Jake is and what the shop is really for? then read the finale of and please comment if you are interested in learning more next year!

The Damned Shop IV – Death and Interns

The final team member has been hired! And just in time for halloween. What awaits our motley crew in the finally. Find out next weekend!

The Damned Shop III – The Knife

What is the knife about? and Who is this new employee?

The Damned Shop II – House Call

Jake has a new partner! who hates him

The Damned Shop

Ever walk into somewhere and feel like there might be more going on in the back then you think? What if there really was?