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Perfect world

Attempt at poetry, I hope you enjoy


Sometimes we’re crazy, other times maybe we’re not.

When Grim Reapers Laugh

If life, the universe, and god all have a sense of humor, what about death?


FOR SALE – Vinnie the platypus

Self Improvement

How far would you go to build the perfect you?

The Spork Diner

Strange things are a foot in this Teaser story.

Questions Vs Answers

Tradition can be important but we shouldn’t sacrifice our lives for it.


Remember, your memories make you.

It’s a small world

When the world won’t listen you sometimes need to take things into your own hands

Do you want to go fast?

Some things are always harder alone

Escaping Lunch

Turned into a frog by a witch? We’ve all been there.

Prison Experiments

Trapped in a prison, would you escape or accept your fate?